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Hut with the Arc Wall / Tato Architects第1张图片

前几年的濑户内岛艺术节产生了不少让人惊叹的创作作品,日本Tato Architects的设计的小豆岛公共厕所基于古老的酱油作坊而改建,采用玻璃透明瓦片搭配普通瓦片采光,利用柔展自由的曲墙限定空间,是一件栖息自然让人放松的低调之作。


Hut with the Arc Wall / Tato Architects第2张图片

from the architect: I made a public toiletat Shodoshima Island as a part of the project of Setouchi Art Festival in whichI came to participate from this time. The site is in the area called"Hishio-no-sato (Native place of sauce)" where pre-modernarchitecture of soy sauce making warehouse remains collectively most in Japan.These warehouses are authorized as registered tangible cultural property, wheresoy sauce has been made still in the old-fashioned formula. Framing of atraditional cabin and large cedar barrels on the floor are the characteristicscene.
I decided to make the toilet adapted tosuch surroundings and make it be the starting point of a walk by partitioningthe space with curved surfaces as softly as a cloth under a traditional cabinroof.
Due to circumstances on the site theconstruction had to be completed in about two months. I tried to shorten theconstruction period by making the curved surfaces with steel plate and by,while making them at factory, proceeding with the foundation work at site atthe same time.

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Hut with the Arc Wall / Tato Architects第4张图片

I adopted tile roofing following nearbyhouses. Actually I roofed with smoked tiles and glass tiles in mosaic patternas these are compatible with each other thanks to the standardization, and Iused FRP plates for the sheathing to make the place light as if sunlight camein through branches of trees.

Hut with the Arc Wall / Tato Architects第5张图片

Hut with the Arc Wall / Tato Architects第6张图片

The smoked tiles and glass tiles cannoteasily be distinguished, during the day, from outside and may be mistaken forthe same as the unevenness of the aged roof tiles of the neighborhood. But thedifference appears clearly when night falls and light begins to leak frominside. The internal space will give feeling of being guided on while walkingalong the softly curved surface. I think I may have realized such a place aslooks more spacious than actually is and as being secured while being relieved.

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