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Illustration by Jowin Foo

5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Architectural Networking Community





你也许会想,“那么为什么不加入Facebook或 LinkedIn呢?”虽然这些网络社会团队同样也有着实用的信息,但是很多时候你会接受到许多额外的广告、营销策略、垃圾邮件等等,才能最终找到你想要的内容。因此,专业网络社区能够帮助提高你所收集的信息质量,同时管理你所感兴趣的内容与关注对象。




Have you ever considered joining a professional architectural networking community? Below, we list 5 reasons why you should make this a priority.

1. Community Sharing and Learning
As the world is increasingly using open-source software for learning, sharing, and collaborating, a dedicated professional network for the architectural community can provide an infinite number of resources.
You might be thinking, 'Why not join a Facebook or LinkedIn group instead?' Although these social networking groups may provide useful information, many times you have to swim through ads, marketing campaigns, and spam just to find a simple solution. For this reason, a dedicated professional networking community can provide quality information while simultaneously curating content and users of your interest.

2. Connect with Like-Minded People
We, architects, urban planners, and interior designers are part of a rapidly growing industry where new developments are hard to track and like-minded peers are difficult to find.
Imagine connecting with someone from a different part of the globe who is finding solutions to a problem you've been working on for months. Don't you think a conversation with someone in your industry could help you find solutions faster, and even learn new techniques and methods?


Illustration by Sindhuja Sarasram







3. Meet and Collaborate with Amazing People
Collaboration in the digital era has become the de facto way to build solutions not only in tech but across diverse industries. Within the architecture, urban planning, and interior design industry, finding the right people with specific skills and talents has become more important than ever.
On a dedicated network like SqrFactor, you can post jobs, internships, and events on their platform to find the best-matched talent. You can select top applicants by their profile, type of articles/designs published on their portfolio, the number of competitions they have participated in, and the number of followers on their platform.

4. Find New Talent and Solutions by Creating Competitions
Architectural competitions are integral to our industry as it forces individuals/teams to push the boundaries of their creativity. We all know that participating in various competitions can help professionals and design firms build their portfolio, however, have you ever considered launching your own competition as a design firm or organization to discover new talent and solutions?
What if you could launch competitions on a platform without even having to build a website? Yes, you heard it right – You can launch competitions on SqrFactor’s platform. You can also interact with participants by answering their questions, making announcements, receiving submissions, and announcing results on your wall – isn’t that amazing?


Illustration by Nishant Modi





5. Architectural Writing and Documentation is Important
Writing, drawing, and documentation are important aspects of our profession, not only does it help us measure and analyze our growth but if shared with others, it can create opportunities to learn and distribute solutions.
Le Corbusier described architecture as an art in which there are no problems, only solutions. When there are so many solutions, why not record and share them with others? SqrFactor aims to promote architectural writing, journalism, documentation, and sharing of ideas to create a culture of collaboration and open-source learning within the community. With this mission, they created a campaign called “Create Content and Earn,” learn more about it here.
SqrFactor aims to connect designers, architects and urban planners with consumers, real-estate developers, government and non-government organizations seeking innovative design ideas. SqrFactor, in partnership with Selco Foundation, has launched an architecture competition on the global issue of Housing with an aim to execute the best workable design for urban migrants.




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