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过去我们还曾报到了Festival des Architectures Vives 2014- La Grande Motte法国蒙彼利埃 2014FAV建筑节(拉格朗德默特展区) (已有2条评论) 和  Festival des Architectures Vives 2014 in Montpellier蒙彼利埃展区 (已有5条评论) 。

此外中国建筑师团队任天 (在海外,已有14条评论) ,陈忱 (在gooood的作品模糊搜索总连接)和徐珂还曾参加过FAV建筑节2013年的展览,作品为Memoriscape 记忆的景观 (已有8条评论)。


by Arnaud MALTHIEU / Amandine ROMANET / Matthieu THUILLIER - Limoges


The iconic pyramids of the? La Grande Motte ? landscape have allowed to discipline winds, leaving the entrance in the city relieved from their salt and distracted from their violence. It is only with this condition that emerge a vegetable wolrd protected and secured, sheltered through a fixed screen buildings. Today this sea sprays constituting the invisible trace of the town's history, one of his imperceptible foundations. Inspired by the place In which It takes place and imaginary linked to the wind, the work is implanted on a dock in direct relation with the horizon and the sea. "Embruns" colored object seemingly naive product bubbles clouds which by their presence come to attract the look on the shared history of the place, only for a moment. The air rushes into the installation, once past the threshold, soap imprisone the air for a moment. Ephemeral and magical the bubble soap go away thanks to the wind.

La Petite Motte

by CAME Collective : Claire LEHMANN / Alice LIABEUF / Mathilde MOATY / Emmanuelle LAGOUGE - Paris


Surrounded by boats pitching in the port, the floating project contrasts with the listed city, ‘La Grande Motte’, symbol of the sixties.As if, with great effort, it mastered the waves to arrive and drop anchor in this undiscovered world. The island is facing the inhabitants of the city as we are amazed in front of it.

A proper wild vegetation is growing on this floating island. On the dockside, a spyglass attracts the passers-by to stop and look closer.

A mirror surface underneath the perimeter gives a light effect to the abundant vegetation. At night, the plants will be lighted and will look like floating on top of the dark sea.

In spite of its small size, the island is full of symbols. With bravery and contrast, this daring piece of nature is facing the impressive Grande Motte.All in all, a wild island where a tiny Robison Crusoe lives his life of adventurer despite all opposition.


by Klest PANGO - Montpellier


The theme of the digit opens up new horizons and allows a line to be drawn between between the past, the present and the future. The shape of “Origamic” sends us back to our childhood, bringing back memories of a folded paper boat left alone on a seawall in a timeless dimension.

“Origamic” claims to be a sensory experience encouraging the imagination and the collective subconscious. This time frame takes place beside the frenzy we are inescapably subject to, opening the door to a more sensitive practice of place.

The experience is initiated at the turn of a sail, through a play of successive hoops, acknowledging the previous editions of the FAV. The purpose of this playful journey is a tenth dematerialized “step”, within a privileged crack between the solidity of the earth and the fluidity of the sea, in harmony with the place and which sets the scene for new interpretation of the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo souvenir

by Camille SAUCEREAU / Alice FOULON – Paris / Bruxelles (Belgique)


La Grande Motte, are pyramidal buildings, with sculptural urban furniture and dunes that form an entity that evokes the universe of summer holidays. These images lead us to the idea of the souvenir photograph: the theme of the sands of time is materialized by ten empty frames that became moving snapshots of the landscape, an invitation to a contemplation and daydream moment.

The installation comprises of a black line wavering on the ground, seeming to dawdle on the seaside with the passers.

This line rises up ten times to support ten open frames, that draws luminous levitating rectangles by night.

Thus, visitors are not within but instead in front of the landscape, that changes it into a living painting. Framing the view is an attempt to bring to light the surrounding landscape, and to provide a minimal theatre area where games can be played and stories can flow freely. The gaze becomes aware, curious, new.

Promenade d’envolées



?The site, a place between a coastal town and the sea, The quay, a promenade punctuated by wide stairways, inviting the user to climb the steps, to take a seat and contemplate the sea, the skyline and the Grande Motte’s pyramids. Interface, in-between: on one side the path, the promenade; on the other side, the contemplation, the infinite. These spaces offer the user the time to stop, they give a moment of dreaming facing the sea. The pleasure of sitting down and listening the sound of the back and forth of the waves, the encounter between the sea foam and the rocks, limite between the natural landscape and the artifitial landscape.?

For ?la Dixième? the group ARCHISANAT has proposed to reveal the ?timeless? instant that the site offers through a sensitive and tactile experience. This journey of discovery is achieved by a staging of volumes that float in the air. Fifty wind-socks capture the breeze, the wind, and they begin to move. Sea breeze and, even sometimes, land breeze. Because of this movement, a noise like ?wrinckle paper ? remains the crackling of the sea. It is through this playful dispositive that the air materialises and creates a dance, stimulating, once again, this relation between touchable and untouchable, between Men and Nature.


by ALLEGORY STUDIO : Albert SCHRURS / Wendy GAZE – Carouge (Suisse)


The "Regatta" project is rooted in a particular space-time, mixing the ephemeral look to the architectural heritage of the place.100 white sea buoys, geometrically sited in the middle of the boats of the Marina of La Grande-Motte, bring a visual rhythm to the landscape with reference to pyramidal concrete buildings of Balladur.Making the buoy as a serial object evoking a timeless space… The regatta is it already passed or is it coming?It is also the celebration of a start and a finish that reflects the anniversary of 10 years of FAV.

The Porthole

by TOMA : Antonio NARDOZZI / Maria Dolores DEL SOL ONTALBA – Rome (Italie) /Toledo (Espagne)


Just living the present moment completely devoted to the pleasure given by contemplating the sun, the sea, the horizon and the sky while enjoying the coastal breeze and lulled by the waves, this is the floating world of La Grande Motte. This little pavilion designed for the tenth edition of the FAV on the seafront of La Grande Motte, is molded and sculpted by the wind as an erosion. Its fluctuant shape allows to look through and, continually evolving, changes its own features with respect to the points of view of up to flatten, creating, thanks to its anamorphic nature, a perfect circle.

The viewer is invited to contemplate through a porthole the interaction between the pure geometry of the circle (artificial) and the line of contact between sky and sea (nature). An unexpected point of view that suggests to slow and linger to live an experience bound to last a long time, beyond the ephemeral.

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