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Bee Saving Paper could bring the bee population back from the brink


波兰营销代理办公室Saatchi & Saatchi与当地蜜蜂保护者联合开发出一种被称为“蜜蜂能量饮料”的富含葡萄糖的纸张。

Saatchi & SaatchiInteractive Solutions Warsaw 和 City Bees共同设计了养蜂纸,目的是扭转因工业化和农药导致的蜜蜂数量下降的趋势。

A glucose-rich paper touted as an "energy drink for bees" has been developed by the Polish office of marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi, together with local bee conservationists.
Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive Solutions Warsaw and City Bees created Bee Saving Paper to reverse the decline in bee populations, as a result of industrialisation and pesticide use.




The paper is impregnated with glucose and honey plant seeds, giving any bees that stop on it a boost of energy to keep going over long distances where there isn't access to flowers for pollination.
In urban environments where sources of pollen and nectar for bees are scarce, bees can end up dying from lack of fuel.


Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw认为波兰的469种蜜蜂中已有222种濒临灭绝。



Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw认为,这种可生物降解的纸可以用来制作咖啡杯套、手提袋、停车场门票和野餐盘,从而赋予这些一次性物品第二次生命,从而让其成为有用的垃圾。

Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw claims that 222 out of 469 bee species in Poland are on the verge of extinction.
It suggests the paper could offer a solution. It describes it as "an innovative, biodegradable material that can be used for many purposes and works like an energy drink for bees".
Bees are attracted to the paper because it is patterned with dots of water-based UV paint. The insects, which can see in the ultraviolet spectrum, read these as flowers.
Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw believes the biodegradable paper could be used to make coffee cup sleeves, tote bags, car-park tickets and picnic plates, giving these disposable items a second life and even making it useful to litter.


Saatchi&Saatchi IS Warsaw组织中的Tomasz Bujok和Anna Gadecka是这个项目的创意者,他们说:“我们已经开发和生产出了第一批纸,这种纸可以不仅可以随意使用,而且也不怕被任意丢弃。”


"We've managed to develop and produce what is probably the first paper nature would not only like you to use, but maybe even to drop," said Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw's Tomasz Bujok and Anna Gadecka, senior creatives on the project.
"Currently, we are focusing – through – on seeking partners who, just like us, care about the future of bees. We know our innovation won't solve the worldwide problem of the declining bee population by itself, but we hope we'll at least make people realise how important bees are to us."


这些创意人员说,他们的发明通过了养蜂人Łukasz Kaczorowski的实地测试,该养蜂人曾损失过95%以上的蜜蜂。

除了给路过的蜜蜂一些补充之外,这张纸中还包含了紫色艾菊(purple tansy)或者锺穗花(lacy phacelia)的种子,这些都是养蜂人的最爱。这样蜜蜂可以在旅途中收集并重新分发种子。这些纸张中尽管含有葡萄糖,但根本不粘手,方便使用。

The creatives said their invention passed a field test with beekeeper Łukasz Kaczorowski, who had lost more than 95 per cent of his hives.
In addition to giving passing bees a bit of a boost, the paper contains seeds of purple tansy, or lacy phacelia – an apian favourite – which they will collect and redistribute on their journeys. Despite containing glucose, the paper is not sticky to the touch.


在全球范围内,蜜蜂是粮食作物最重要的授粉者,对维持地球生态系统至关重要。英国的非营利组织地球之友(Friends of the Earth )说,与授粉相关的全球市场价值每年在1760亿至4180亿英镑之间。


艺术家Michael Candy提出了一种利用3D打印花卉进行人工授粉的方法,设计师 Neri Oxman创造了四季如春的人工养蜂场,而美国的连锁超市沃尔玛(Walmart)提出使用自主机器蜜蜂作为未来的发展方案。

Globally, bees are the most important pollinator of food crops and are vital in sustaining the planet's ecosystems. UK nonprofit organisation Friends of the Earth says that the global market value linked to pollinators is between £176 billion and £418 billion each year.
Population decline across many bee species has inspired several design innovations in recent years.
Artist Michael Candy proposed a method of artificial pollination using 3D-printed flowers, designer Neri Oxman created an artificial apiary where it is spring year-round, while US supermarket chain Walmart has proposed autonomous robot bees as an alternative for the future.

创意总监:Kamil Majewski
助理创意总监:Piotr Osiński
高级文案作家:Anna Gadecka
高级文案作家:Tomek Bujok
高级艺术总监:Michał Sęk
艺术总监:Karolina Pietrzyk
数字设计经理:Mariusz Czepiec
设计师:Karolina Pietrzyk, Michał Sęk
网页设计:Mariusz Czepiec, Anna Gadecka
产品开发:Małgorzata Lasocka - Manufaktura Papieru Czerpanego
印刷:Łukasz Zembaty - Pracownia Wschodnia
外联:Anna Gadecka, Tomasz Bujok
校稿人:Ben Borek-Coxen
客户:Wiktor Jędrzejewski

Project credits
Creative director: Kamil Majewski
Associate creative director: Piotr Osiński
Senior copywriter: Anna Gadecka
Senior copywriter: Tomek Bujok
Senior art director: Michał Sęk
Art director: Karolina Pietrzyk
Digital design director: Mariusz Czepiec
Designers: Karolina Pietrzyk, Michał Sęk
Website: Mariusz Czepiec, Anna Gadecka
Product developer: Małgorzata Lasocka - Manufaktura Papieru Czerpanego
Print: Łukasz Zembaty - Pracownia Wschodnia
Public relations: Anna Gadecka, Tomasz Bujok
Proofreader: Ben Borek-Coxen
Client: Wiktor Jędrzejewski




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