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How Long Does it Take to Become an Architect?





Before deciding on a career in architecture, plenty of questions can cross one’s mind: Which school should I choose? Should I study abroad or choose a local school? Would enrolling in top international universities cost me a fortune? How long will it take for me to finally be able to build my own structure? At the end of the day, the making of an architect is pretty simple: half a decade of architecture studies, and then some.
Whether you are considering studying abroad or staying home, you'll need to know how long it takes to become an architect in your country of choice. Take a look at how long it usually takes to earn that degree in different countries from all over the world, and what you'll need to do (aside from attending school) before becoming a certified architect.
The journey of earning an architectural license is more or less the same everywhere. Whether you choose Japan, the UK, or Sri Lanka for your B.Arch studies, the process remains similar: around 5 years of architecture school, usually followed by one to three years of internship; finally, architects are often required to pass an exam for the official certification.


via Tableau / Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

在英国或美国获得建筑执照会有一些困难。在英国,你首先得经过3至4年的专业建筑学习,然后至少拥有1至2年的工作经验。另外,学生还得花费1至2年的时间拿下相应的硕士学位,然后再进行工作实践。只有完成这些内容,学生才有资格参加RIBA Part III考试,通过考试之后,才能成为一名合格的注册建筑师。

Earning an architecture license in the UK or USA is formidable. In the United Kingdom, working under the title of “architect” involves studying in a recognized architecture school for three to four years, followed by a minimum of one year of working experience. The student must then earn a postgraduate degree (M.Arch) which usually takes one-and-a-half to two years, followed by an extra working year. Only then is the student allowed to take the RIBA Part III exam, which, upon passing, allows him/her to become a registered architect.


但是在一些国家则有着不同的制度。例如,如果要在瑞士获得建筑师资格并没有太多的限制,意思就是你只要开始建筑设计,你就是一名建筑师。这是因为国家没有对这一领域进行过多的干预,只要掌握了绘图技能,了解当地规范,学生们就可以进行创作。但是,瑞士工程与建筑师协会(Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects——SIA)要求入会成员们要有专业的建筑学位。


印度建筑师在完成至少5年的建筑学习(其中包含1年的专业实践)之后,可以通过印度建筑委员会(Indian Council of Architecture)认可,从而获得认证资格。同样,巴西建筑师在完成5年的建筑学习过程中也包含有6个月的专业实践。

Some countries, however, adopt a different system. Earning the title of architect in Switzerland, for instance, is not regulated or controlled. In other words, you can begin working in an architecture firm long before you earn a certified license. This is due to the fact that the country does not impose strict licensing on this domain. Students can begin working in the architecture field as long as they have obtained proper drafting skills and learned all about the Swiss building codes. However, membership in the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) requires architects to have the relevant degrees, typically requiring a total of 5 years of study.
Countries such as Ireland, France, and Germany do not impose an official exam or colloquium to become a licensed architect. In Germany, the title of architect is legally limited to those registered with a provincial Chamber of Architects. To be a part of the chamber, one must complete 4 years of architecture school, followed by a higher education diploma, and extensive experience under the supervision of a registered architect. In France (contrary to the above graphic by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture) architects must study a 3-year degree followed by a 2-year diploma, then complete one year of professional practice.
Architects in India can earn their place in the Indian Council of Architecture as soon as they finish a minimum of five years of architecture studies, which includes one year working in an internship as part of the course. Similarly in Brazil (and also contrary to the graphic above) the 5-year course includes a minimum of 6 months working in practice as part of the degree.




图片来源:Andrea Vasquez

In some countries, such as Mexico and Lebanon, neither an official exam nor professional experience is necessary to become a licensed architect. In Lebanon, the requirements are rather simple: Five or more years of architecture studies, an approximate amount of $3,000 USD, and you are qualified to become a certified architect.
Nobody said embarking on a career in architecture would be easy, but it is definitely worth every struggle.
Images for this article were kindly provided by Andrea Vasquez.




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