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《水形物语》房间中的装饰艺术风格呈现黑暗的色调/The art deco-inspired render for The Shape of Water features a dark and moody colour palette

Modsy reimagines Oscar-winning film sets with a "modern twist"



这家位于旧金山的工作室分别根据获奖电影 《泰坦尼克号》 ,《卡萨布兰卡》,《音乐之声》 ,《莎翁情史》和《水形物语》来设想空间布局。工作室的目的是使用目前市场上的家具产品来重新制作电影的内部空间,从而使其具有“现代风格”。

Interior design studio Modsy has created renders of rooms based on the production design of five Best Picture Oscar-winning movies.
The San Francisco-based studio reimagined room sets from award-winning films Titanic, Casablanca, The Sound of Music, Shakespeare in Love and The Shape of Water.
Modsy wanted to recreate the films' sets as interior spaces put together using furniture items currently on the market. The studio describes them as having a "modern twist".


《泰坦尼克号》房间的灵感来自船上的吸烟室/The film Titanic's rendering is based on the smoking room on-board the ship

“我们整合了每部电影主题的关键元素,并思考如何将这些元素设计转化为现代风格,”工作室描述道,“我们的主要目标是打造一个可以在现实中实现的空间。我们采用的核心设计元素,样式和颜色,然后从CB2和West Elm这种大众都可以购买的家居商场中找到合适的家具,最后完成重新想象的房间的设计。”

"We designed the renders by incorporating key elements of each movie's theme and thinking about how those design styles would be translated to the modern day," said Modsy."A big goal for these projects is creating a space that can actually be brought to life. We think about the core design elements, styles and colours and then source products that you can buy today from favourites such as CB2 and West Elm to design the re-imagined rooms," explained the brand.


《卡萨布兰卡》房间重新刻画了电影中的里克咖啡馆/The Casablanca-inspired render draws on Rick's Café Américain in the film



The first render is a nod to 1944 Best Picture winner Casablanca, in particular Rick's Café Américain, an upscale nightclub and gambling den in the film.
It features wicker furniture and geometric stone tables with a carpet of Moroccan rugs.
"Boho eclectic meets Moroccan charm, we've restyled Rick's café and turned it into a Moroccan oasis that serves as a perfect place for cosy and intimate gatherings," said Modsy."
However, we've brought in a bit more of a bohemian feel to modernise the space a bit from its original 1940s style," explained the studio.


《音乐之声》房间重新构想乔治·冯·特拉普上尉的起居室/The Sound of Music render reimagines Captain Georg von Trapp's living room



Another render depicts the living room of retired naval officer Captain Georg von Trapp in 1966 winner The Sound of Music. The room has a cream colour-scheme with patterned curtains and a chandelier.
"We wanted to create a more traditional interior that is aligned with the period of the film, as well as the more serious and austere side of the family's values for balance, precision and order," said the studio."
We were inspired by the living room where the family gathers to hear their father sing the classic song, Edelweiss," continued Modsy.


《莎翁情史》房间风格取自伊丽莎白时代,搭配写字台和分层窗帘/Inspired by Elizabethan design, the Shakespeare in Love render features a writing desk and layered curtains




最后的房间是对去年的奥斯卡赢家《水形物语》的重新诠释,特别是20世纪60年代,主角Elisa Esposito的起居室,室内有着喜怒无常的深色调,和工业风格的装饰。



For Titanic, which won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1998, Modsy reimagines the Titanic's smoking room to include an ornate chandelier, green velvet furniture and a red Persian rug.
Another render is inspired by 1999 winner Shakespeare in Love and is complete with a writing desk, layered curtains and a red patterned rug.
"Where modernised Elizabethan meets theatrical flair, this space is perfectly dark and moody, just like a Shakespearean tale with elements of dramatic whimsy woven throughout," said the brand."We took inspiration from the Elizabethan-era style of combining textiles and pattern, as well as the use of dark, rich and bold colours."
The final render is a reinterpretation of last year's winner The Shape of Water, particularly protagonist Elisa Esposito's 1960s living room, which has a moody, dark colour palette with art deco and industrial-inspired decor.
"It represents a life of isolation and her unique bond with a mysterious, scaled creature," said the studio.
The Oscars took place on 24 February 2019. We rounded up five of our favourite set designs from this year's nominees.




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