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西雅图Octave 9:Raisbeck音乐中心
Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Center / LMN Architects


来自建筑事务所的描述:Octave 9音乐中心为艺术与高技合作伙伴提供探索音乐表达的新场所。Octave 9音乐中心位于联和大道与第二大道的交汇处,成为西雅图市中心的音乐教育和实验场所。

Text description provided by the architects. Octave 9 offers a hub for artistic and high-tech partnerships to explore new worlds of musical expression. Located in Benaroya Hall at the corner of Union Street and Second Avenue, Octave 9 provides new access to music education and experimentation in downtown Seattle.


这一空间表达了西雅图历史悠久且享有盛誉的的教育事业,为举行演出、团体会议与社区活动提供场所。Octave 9音乐中心也成为艺术家与作曲家的实验空间。这一空间探索场所自身的能力,成为跨学科表演的创新工具。

The space expands on Seattle Symphony’s well-established educational programs, while providing a venue to host performances, group meetings and community events. Octave 9 will also serve as an experimental space for artists and composers; a space in which to explore the capabilities of the venue itself as a creative tool for expanding interdisciplinary performance possibilities.


西雅图交响乐与Benaroya音乐厅的首席CEO说:“Octave 9音乐中心是具有开创性的空间,艺术是社会表达的方式,并通过技术与创新的设计,让我们缔造新的方式来创造与体验音乐。”2500平方英尺(约232平方米)的空间配备了各种设施,创造身临其境的体验,因此这里的物理环境隐藏于声学与视觉之中,这种体验呼应了整个功能需求,而非单纯的环境。

“Octave 9 is groundbreaking,” shared Krishna Thiagarajan, President & CEO of the Seattle Symphony and Benaroya Hall. “Arts are the way a society articulates itself, and through technology and creative design, Octave 9 enables us to forge a new path in the way we create and experience music.” The 2,500 square foot facility features systems to create an immersive experience so that Octave 9’s physical environment can acoustically and visually disappear—an experience that responds to programming, rather than the surroundings.



All surfaces and materials were considered for their acoustic absorptive properties to allow acoustic variability created by electronic sound systems: floors are carpeted; casework is made of micro-perforated wood; resting instruments go into built-in storage spaces; a mobile bar for social events can be rolled out or put away.



Speakers, microphones, projectors, lighting and HVAC are all integrated into a custom-designed acoustically absorptive ceiling, and 13 curving screens on circular tracks provide numerous options for interactive projections, including a nearly-360-degree immersive experience.



一系列可回收的的材料制成吸声天花板,天花板由LMN建筑事务所设计与制造,来优化房间内的声学体系,同时战略性地整合技术、电气和机械系统,其中包括10个放映机、62个全程喇叭、10个低音扩音器和28个麦克风。为了营造出亲切的场所,建筑空间有高度的灵活性、高效性和适应性来满足诸如小型团队演出、沉浸式体验、艺术表演等表演与活动需求。设计合作伙伴Mark Reddington认为:“20多年前,我们第一次与西雅图交响乐团合作,设计了Benaroya音乐厅,我们现在非常乐意再一次合作,并为艺术家与作曲家设计这一创新、灵活与实验性的空间。”

Composed of an array of sound absorbing cells made of a recycled felt-like material, the ceiling designed and fabricated by LMN Architects optimizes the room’s acoustic goals while also strategically integrating technical, electrical and mechanical systems—including 10 projectors, 62 full-range loudspeakers, 10 compact subwoofers and 28 microphones. The result is an intimate venue that is highly flexible, efficient and capable of morphing to the needs of the performance or activity, whether for a small school group, or an immersive, experimental artist performance. Mark Reddington,Design Partner, comments: “We first began working with the Seattle Symphony when we designed Benaroya Hall over twenty years ago, and we are very pleased to collaborate again and create this innovative, flexible and experimental space for artists and composers.


“Octave 9音乐中心表达了交响乐团历史悠久的教育事业,每一个建筑元素精心设计,具有适应性与功能性。最重要的是,我们希望这一新的艺术表演空间成为音乐新形式的催化剂,推动跨学科表演达到新领域的创造性工具,以及西雅图城市中的参与式音乐设备。”

The new Octave 9 expands on the Symphony’s well-established educational programs, and every architectural element has been carefully designed to be adaptable and functional. Above all we hope this new performing arts space becomes a catalyst for new forms of music, a creative tool that pushes interdisciplinary performances to new frontiers, and a participatory sound machine for the city of Seattle.”


空间中使用Meyer Constellation数字声学系统,配备可以产生跨流派和学科的音乐体验体系。处理器构成反射与混响效果,并通过天花板上的一系列扩音器,地面铺地以及放置在曲面屏边缘的便携式装置,能够模仿其他设备的声学性能。这一系统更提供一种“空间立体音”,它可以让单个演讲者的声音环绕在房间的不同角落,创造动态效果,培养创新探索。

Using the Meyer Constellation digital acoustic system, the room can be outfitted to produce musical experiences that cross genres and disciplines. Processors recreate early reflections and reverberation, and play them through a series of loudspeakers on the ceiling, casework on the floor and portable units placed around the edges of the curved screens to imitate the acoustic performance of other settings. The system further supports “spatial sound,” which allows individual speakers to play selective sounds in distinct areas of the room, creating the impression of movement and fostering innovative exploration.


建筑空间的电子声学效果能够比拟泰姬陵,其布局紧凑,这一空间能够满足每场活动的需求。项目的设计者Scott Crawford说到:“在Octave 9音乐中心中,西班牙交响乐团曾经承诺过与新兴的艺术家合作,这些艺术家正在探索音乐表演的含义,同时也让新技术面向大众。”

This electronic architecture allows Octave 9 to feel acoustically as large as the Taj Mahal, or as compact as a closet, providing a flexible and functional space that can be customized to the needs of each event. Scott Crawford, Project Designer, comments: “With Octave 9, the Seattle Symphony has made a commitment to collaborating with emerging artists who are expanding the definition of musical performance while also making these new technologies accessible to the greater community.



“Throughout the project, LMN leveraged parametric modeling to coordinate the variety of consultants and systems that occur within the space in order to deliver a design that goes beyond the typical high-tech blackbox studio. We are especially proud of the opportunity of designing and fabricating the acoustic ceiling system; a decision that came about to not only reduce cost, but also to expand our capabilities within the project delivery process.”




LMN Architects has designed a number of important projects in Seattle, including Benaroya Hall, McCaw Hall, the Washington State Convention Center Expansion, the Museum of History and Industry, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum Expansion & Renovation, and are currently designing the SeattleAquarium Ocean Pavilion to be located on the waterfront.


建筑设计:LMN Architects
设计团队:Julie Adams, Jenn Chen, Scott Crawford, Thomas Gerard, Mette Greenshields, Cameron Irwin, Erik Perka, Mark Reddington, George Shaw
摄影:Benjamin Benschneider
制造商:McNeel, Autodesk
声学/AV:Jaffe Holden
数字声学设计:Meyer Sound
电力设计:Sequoyah Electric
防火工程:Columbia Fire
总承包商:JTM Construction
沉浸式技术:Belle & Wissell, Co.
照明设计:Schuler Shook
机械设计:Holaday-Parks, Inc
标识系统:Studio Matthews
结构工程:Magnusson Klemencic Associates

Architects: LMN Architects
Location: 200 University St, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
Category: Music Venue
Design Team: Julie Adams, Jenn Chen, Scott Crawford, Thomas Gerard, Mette Greenshields, Cameron Irwin, Erik Perka, Mark Reddington, George Shaw
Area: 2500.0 ft2
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Benjamin Benschneider
Manufacturers: McNeel, Autodesk
Acoustic/AV: Jaffe Holden
Digital Acoustic Architecture: Meyer Sound
Electrical Design Build: Sequoyah Electric
Fire Protection: Columbia Fire
General Contractor: JTM Construction
Immersive Technology: Belle & Wissell, Co.
Lighting Design: Schuler Shook
Mechanical Design Build: Holaday-Parks, Inc
Signage: Studio Matthews
Structural Engineer: Magnusson Klemencic Associates




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