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Tom Dixon's Howard Street store in New York includes a furry room


英国设计师Tom Dixon在曼哈顿SoHo区附近开了一家新店,它有一个满墙是人造毛皮的房间和一个类似“酷刑室”的空间。

该项目位于霍华德街上,并在预先的工装中被分成三层,它的位置邻近 Dixon去年建造的第一个临时性的纽约零售店。

British designer Tom Dixon has opened a new store in the SoHo neighbourhood of Manhattan, which features a room with faux-fur walls and a space that resembles a "torture chamber".
The store is split over three floors of a former boot-making factory on Howard Street, close to where Dixon's first temporary New York retail spacewas located last year.

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It forms part of a wider expansion into the US market, coinciding with the launch of another shop in Los Angeles last week.
"It's a place that aims to bridge the gap between the professional market and the consumer market," Dixon told journalists during a tour of the building. "It's really important for us to finally have a direct relationship to American customers."

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A wide variety of the brand's furniture, homeware and lighting is displayed over the three levels, which each have a different function or theme.
The dark basement, which Dixon joked resembles a torture chamber, is used to show what the lights look like at night.

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It also provides a quiet area for interior designers to play with material samples and work on their projects.
The ground floor is predominantly decorated with copper-coloured products, like a set for brewing and serving coffee, and a collection of desk accessories.

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"It's a bit of an Aladdin's cave in here," said Dixon. "You can see my obsession with metallics"
At the back, a smaller room has walls lined with black faux fur.

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"The furry walls are really an exercise if we had more interesting acoustic materials," said Dixon, whose interest in sound follows an exploration into smell that recently spawned a range of home fragrances.
Upstairs, gold becomes the prevalent colour for the products on show. Larger pieces like shelving and tables are dotted across the white space, while a small area with a marble counter also acts as a cafe.

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摄影:Emily Andrews

Dixon has the space on lease for a year, after which the building is likely to be torn down.
His other recent interior projects include an explorer-themed restaurant in a London Regency building and a series of co-working spaces in the city.
Photography is by Emily Andrews.

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