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Rijnstraat 8建成于1992年,曾经是政府住建部和空间规划及环境部门(VROM)所在大楼,如今成为了一座具有革新性的办公建筑(数座中庭将室内与室外融为一体),同时有着极高的可持续性。始于1980年代的设计如今已不能满足现代办公空间所需的灵活度和开放度,基于建筑本身的状况和特质,OMA与建筑的原设计师Jan Hoogstad通过公私合作的形式,在PoortCentraal(由BAM, ISS和OMA组成)的名义下,为建筑提供了一项完整而全面的解决方案。

▼建筑远景,a distant view

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第1张图片

Upon its completion in 1992, Rijnstraat 8, the former Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) building represented both an innovative office typology – its atriums served as conservatories: the outside brought inside – and a leading example of sustainability. Today the building, designed by in the 1980s, no longer offers the flexibility and openness required of a contemporary office space. In collaboration with the original architect, Jan Hoogstad, and in the context of a Public Private Partnership under the name of PoortCentraal (consisting of BAM, ISS and OMA), OMA has developed an integrated concept for the building based on a renewal of its existing architectural qualities.

▼建筑外观,external view

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第2张图片

▼数座中庭将室内与室外融为一体,the atriums served as conservatories: the outside brought inside

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第3张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第4张图片

Rijnstraat 8项目是荷兰政府办公楼的首次大规模改造,使政府在组织结构和地产投资组合方面均作出改变,其最终目的是为政府打造一个在设计、建造、管理、维护和运行方面都更具效率的办公空间。Rijnstraat 8容纳了两个政府部门和两个政府机构:外交部(BZ)、基础设施及水资源管理部(lenW)、移民及归化服务机构(IND)以及难民接待中心机构(COA),所有部门均设置在同一体量中,搭配以灵活的办公空间。建筑的会议空间为海牙的所有政府部门提供了一个集会的中心。

The transformation of Rijnstraat 8 is the first large-scale implementation of a new masterplan for the Dutch government’s office accommodation, which proposes major changes in the organizational structure of the government and its real estate portfolio, aiming at greater efficiency in the designing, building, financing, maintenance and operations of governmental office space. Rijnstraat 8 brings together two ministries and two governmental organizations – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ), the Ministry of Infrastucture and Water Management (IenW), the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) – in a single building with flexible working spaces. The building’s congress facilities act as a meeting center for all ministries in The Hague.

▼不同形式的空间所分布于中庭周围,the central conservatory space surrounded by administrative squares and office landscapes

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第5张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第6张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第7张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第8张图片

▼集会和就座区域,meeting and seating areas

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第9张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第10张图片

▼餐吧休闲区,leisure bar area

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第11张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第12张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第13张图片


OMA’s design gives the building a new relation to the city of The Hague, connecting it to the city, both visually through a large new glass facade, and functionally through the creation of a new, enlarged passage that acts as a public square, from which the main entrances to Rijnstraat 8 are clearly recognizable. The introduction of open plan offices helps reveal the building’s internal processes. A new walkway running the entire length of the building improves one’s sense of direction and provides each floor with a view to the city. The central conservatory space, surrounded by administrative squares and office landscapes on double height floors, enables a variety of meeting and work spaces and facilitates flexible ways of working which require less office space.


Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第14张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第15张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第16张图片

▼巨大的玻璃立面使建筑与城市相连,the design gives the building a new relation to the city through a large new glass facade

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第17张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第18张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第19张图片

▼干净明亮的办公环境,tidy and bright space for work

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第20张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第21张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第22张图片

▼会议室,conference room

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第23张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第24张图片

▼用餐区,dining area

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第25张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第26张图片


In the process, a combination of renovation and transformation, the use of new materials has been minimized: of the 20% of the building that was demolished, 99.7% has been reused. Energy consumption has been significantly reduced through the application of triple glass, the use of solar panels, LED lights and a heat and cold storage.

▼会议空间可供海牙的所有政府部门使用,the building’s congress facilities act as a meeting center for all ministries in The Hague

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第27张图片

▼入口柱廊,entrance colonnade

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第28张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第29张图片

▼立面夜景,night views of the building facade

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第30张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第31张图片

▼改造前后对比示意图,construction before and after

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第32张图片

▼设计概念,design concept

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第33张图片


Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第34张图片

▼入口层平面图,ground floor plan

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第35张图片

▼四层平面图,level 4 plan

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第36张图片

▼八层平面图,level 8 plan

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第37张图片


Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第38张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第39张图片

Rijnstraat 8办公大楼,荷兰海牙 / OMA第40张图片

Status: Completed
Client: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, The Hague, NL
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Site: Adjacent to The Hague Central Station
Project: Renovation of former VROM building.
Program: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ), Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM), Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA).
Total GFA 100.000 m2: offices 59,400 m2; meeting centre 7,500 m2; lobbies 6,500 m2; restaurant 1,600 m2; retail 3,800 m2; parking (ca. 170pp + 40 VIP) 9,800 m2; bicycle parking 1,200 m2; expedition / storage / technical spaces 10,200 m2
Partner in charge: Ellen van Loon
Team: Bart Nicolaas, Anita Ernodi, Alex de Jong, Kees van Casteren, Airat Khusnutdinov, Alain Fouraux, Alexander Giarlis, Betti Ng, Jan Barta, Buster Christensen, Dominic Black, Edward Nicholson, Eric Lee, Lauren Potter, Hans Larsson, Hongchuan Zhao, Lei Mao, Gemawang Swaribathoro, Magdalena Stanescu, Mario Rodriguez, Matthew Davis, Nikki Mulder, Pawel Panfiluk, Saskia Simon, Sunkyu Koh, Yangwen Huo, Danny Rigter, Ido de Boer, Jasper van Amstel, Maya Turre, Paloma Bule, Stefan Wolf, Theodora Papanastasiou, Tjeerd van de Sandt, Vitor Oliveira, Will Hartzog
Collaborators Structural engineer: ARUP, BAM A&E, Bunnik, NL
Service engineers: Valstar Simonis, Rijswijk, NL / BAM Techniek, Bunnik, NL Building physics / fire safety / security: DGMR, Arnhem, NL
Acoustics: Level Acoustics, Eindhoven, NL
Photograph by ©Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti, © Nick Guttridge, Courtesy of OMA



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