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BishopsWood Court / Daykin Marshall Studio


来自建筑事务所的描述。在Highgate保护区北部的Haringey Borough边界,当地开发商用一个更大的住宅建筑代替半独立式房屋,认为这样会产生更大的利益。Daykin Marshall Studio精心制定了提高土地价值的方案,同时加强街道和当地环境的联系。

Text description provided by the architects. On the Haringey Borough boundary, at the northern extent of the Highgate Conservation Area, local developers saw the potential to replace a pair of semi-detached houses with a larger residential building. Daykin Marshall Studio carefully developed proposals to maximise the land value whilst enhancing the street and local environment.



与大多数城市不同,伦敦从未真正拥有过一座公寓楼。群体的住宅单元与联排别墅形成了鲜明的对比,但有一个例外可能是“Mansion Block”。在远离伦敦的A1高速公路和Highgate高尔夫球场的静谧田园之间,Daykin Marshall Studio重新定义了这种公寓住宅的类型。

Unlike most cities, London has never really embraced apartment buildings. Stacks of flats seem too stark a contrast to amiable rows of townhouses, but one exception might be the ‘Mansion Block’. Between the rush of the A1 leaving London and the quiet idyll of Highgate golf course Daykin Marshall Studio have updated this typology of re ned apartment dwelling.




A strong street facade of four storeys responds to the red brick bay windows of mansion blocks on the opposite side of the street. Patterned Flemish bond brickwork, making use of the traditional English technique of including ‘burnt’ header bricks, overlays the sculptural ‘cranked’ form. These angled reinterpretations of bay windows enliven the north-facing road frontage, allow interesting oblique views, and admit east and west light to bedroom spaces. Acoustic double-glazing reduces road noise in these rooms and a background MVHR ventilation system supplies fresh air without inhabitants having to open windows.

较高层平面图/Upper Plans


A central recess in the facade holds the main entrance and its protective canopy with circulation spaces expressed above. The simple and effcient tenement plan arranges a spacious single-level apartment either side of the circulation at each level. A dramatic penthouse then breaks the mould and spans the entire fifth floor. This level
is set-back to reduce the mass of the building from the street and create a series of terraces around the best apartment. It is clad in anodised aluminium panels to form a special ‘crown’ at the top of the structure that facets in response to the brickwork below. The light-gold colour is designed to enhance and bring warmth to reflected light, even on London’s overcast days.




Living spaces are located on the south side of the building to bene t from magnificent views over the golf course parkland. The south facade is finished in white brick in contrast to the street frontage. This reflects the brighter aspect enjoyed at the rear of the building and echoes the white concrete balconies which are the prominent feature on adjacent 1930s ‘liner’ housing blocks. Each apartment has a large balcony or terrace that is recessed to provide significant solar shading and reduce over-heating in summer. Filigree gold-coloured balustrades ‘stitch’ in and out of the south facade. They ‘weave’ the fabric of the penthouse into the white brickwork and add richness to each level. This facade is also angled, but more subtly, for interesting visual relief and to maximise the floor area of the balconies.



From the main street entrance one can see and walk straight through to the planted gardens at the rear. Ground floor apartments have private gardens either side of this route which opens out into communal gardens. By careful use of the sloping site, extensive covered parking is hidden from view beneath these gardens. Beyond the car park the landscape steps down in a series of terraces lined with stone gabion walls. These are planted and designed to naturalise over time to draw the greenery towards the building.


新的“Mansion Block”最大化使用土地,同时保持街道的规模和特征;增加建筑密度、做出积极的贡献。在此基础上,在获得Haringey计划委员会的一致同意之前,Daykin Marshall Studio与当地保护机构协商。建筑细节和与承包商密切合作,使设计和制造、采购的清晰地对接,形成严密的设计与采购路线。建筑师现在试图利用这个项目的技能和经验,指导开发伦敦其他住房项目。Daykin Marshall Studio相信,通过有意义的设计和精心的建设,可以提高各个经济层面的住房质量。

The new ‘Mansion Block’ maximises land use whilst maintaining the scale and character of the street; density is added to make a positive contribution. On this basis Daykin Marshall Studio negotiated with powerful local conservation bodies to garner support before receiving unanimous approval from Haringey’s Planning Committee. Careful detailing and close collaboration with sub-contractors then enabled the crisp junctions and interfaces to
be constructed on a tight Design & Build procurement route. The architects now seek to use the skills and lessons learnt on this project to develop other housing projects across London. Daykin Marshall Studio believe that housing quality at all economic levels can be improved by meaningful design and careful construction.



场地平面图/Site Plan

底层平面图/Ground Floor Plan

立面图/Elevations 01

立面图/Elevations 02

建筑事务所:Daykin Marshall Studio
成本顾问:Vision Homes
主承包商:Vision Homes
砌体:DWG Brickwork
钢结构制造商:Mather & Smith
业主:Vision Homes
年度二氧化碳排放量:13.00千克二氧化碳 eq/m2/yr

Architects: Daykin Marshall Studio
Location: Aylmer Rd, London N2 0BS, United Kingdom
Area: 1295.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Structural Engineer: Momentum
Services Engineer: Whitecode
Cost Consultant: Vision Homes
Building Inspector: NHBC
Main Contractor: Vision Homes
Concrete Frame: Modebest
Brickwork: DWG Brickwork
Cladding Contractor: Gypcraft
Steelwork Fabricator: Mather & Smith
Client: Vision Homes
CAD Software: Vectorworks
Annual CO2 Emissions: 13.00Kg CO2 eq/m2/yr





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