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Nino robotic bartender can make "any drink in seconds"


意大利建筑师Carlo Ratti和他的Makr Shakr事务所推出了一款面向大众市场的鸡尾酒调制机器人。

Nino是Makr Shakr事务所现有仿生臂的更新版本,它在2013年米兰设计周上首次亮相,之后在游轮和酒店中被投入使用。



Italian architect Carlo Ratti and his company Makr Shakr have launched a mass-market robotic cocktail maker.
Nino is an updated version of Makr Shakr's existing Bionic Bar, which debuted at Milan design week in 2013 and has since been put into use in cruise liners and hotels.
Nino has the capacity to mix an infinite variety of cocktails from up to 170 bottles of different spirits stored in its overhead rack.
Customers can place orders via an accompanying phone app, where they can either pick a recipe created by a professional mixologist, or devise their own concoctions.


Ratti是Makr Shakr事务所的创始人、负责人,也是Carlo Ratti协会合伙人和麻省理工的教授,他说:“Nino探索了社会创造和消费的新动力,它融合了“设计、制造和享受”,让消费者设计自己的鸡尾酒作品,而数字控制的机械臂把他们的想法变成了现实。”

尽管Nino可能是一个缺乏人性化的酒保,但Makr Shakr事务所则称机器人“能够精准且优雅地在几秒钟内供应任何饮料”。


"Nino explores the new dynamics of social creation and consumption — 'design, make and enjoy' — allowing users to design their own cocktail creations, while digitally controlled machines transform their ideas into reality," said Ratti, who is a founder of Makr Shakr as well as the head of his own practice, Carlo Ratti Associati and a professor at MIT.
Although Nino might lack the banter of the best human bartenders, Makr Shakr describes the robot as able to "precisely prepare and elegantly serve any drink in seconds".
The system has two robotic arms — one for the complex tasks of shaking, stirring and muddling, and a second for pouring and serving.


虽然它的外观类似于仓库里常见的工业机器人,但Ratti以人类为原型,设计了它的“像舞蹈一样”的动作。其中就有来自意大利编舞家Marco Pelle的设计,他们将Pelle的手势拍下,并编码到机器人的程序中。





While its appearance is similar to industrial robots commonly seen in warehouses, Ratti modelled its "dance-like" movements on humans — and one human in particular, Italian choreographer Marco Pelle. Pelle's gestures were filmed and used as inputs when programming the robot.
Ratti told Dezeen that Nino is not intended to replace human bartenders; rather, he sees it as an opportunity to teach people how to interact with the machines that will almost certainly be part of their lives in the future.
"We like to think that Nino can help us explore how people might embrace the new possibilities offered by robotics and digital manufacturing," he said. "Robots are already revolutionising the job market — but few people have seen them in real life, let alone controlled them."
"We think that this knowledge is the first step to be able to manage technology — and for us is a crucial role of Nino'" he continued. "This is also the reason why we have picked standard industrial arms, instead of camouflaging them under a humanoid appearance."
Nino uses Corian counters and has an illuminated rear wall display that can show information including current orders and queue time.


这款产品2013年5月在米兰展出了最初原型,在本月的晚些时候,Makr Shakr1.0在谷歌的开发者大会上正式发布。

Makr Shakr于2014在自己公的司安装了一台。之后在皇家加勒比游轮(Royal Caribbean)上安装了五台,在拉斯维加斯大道上也安装了一台。


Ratti是塑造智能技术未来的关键人物之一。他提高了麻省理工学院感知城市实验室(Senseable City Lab)的影响力 ,他是都灵Office3.0的架构师,为每个工人都创造了一个个性化的“环境空间”。最近他还发布了一种包括交通监控无人机的智能道路系统。

摄影:CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

After its initial prototype was previewed in Milan in May 2013, Makr Shakr 1.0 officially launched at Google's developer conference later that month.
Makr Shakr was spun off into its own company in 2014, and has since installed five units on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, plus one on the Las Vegas strip.
The company says that these units have so far made more than 1 million drinks, sometimes serving as many as 800 cocktails per night.
Ratti is one of the key players shaping the future of smart technology. As well as heading up the influential Senseable City Lab at MIT, he was the architect of Office 3.0 in Turin, which has a personalised "environmental bubble" for every worker, and recently revealed a concept smart road system complete with traffic-monitoring drones.
Images are by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

项目设计:CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati
技术支持: Kuka, Cia Automation and Robotics, Sintexa, SMC, Keyence, Wurth, Pac Team, Google Cloud

Project credits:
Design: CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati
Technical support: Kuka, Cia Automation and Robotics, Sintexa, SMC, Keyence, Wurth, Pac Team, Google Cloud




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