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奥斯汀Hog Pen Creek隐舍 / Lake Flato第1张图片

Lake Flato completes spacious Austin home featuring a boardwalk leading to a lake


美国Lake Flato建筑事务所在德克萨斯州的奥斯汀建造了一座滨水住宅,住宅最大的特点就是两层通高的门厅和沿着住宅设置的细长的泳池。

US firm Lake Flato has built a waterfront retreat in Austin, Texas, featuring a two-storey porch and a slender lap pool that runs alongside the home.

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住宅坐落在Hog Pen Creek和奥斯汀湖交汇处,基地周围遍布着山核桃树和柏树,因此也称它为Hog Pen Creek隐舍。

Called the Hog Pen Creek Retreat, the house sits at the confluence of Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin, on a site dotted with pecan and cypress trees.

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The home was conceived for a couple from the San Francisco area who were approaching retirement age and wanted to return to Texas, where they had lived when they were younger.

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“业主希望有一个可以举办户外活动,同时也能欣赏广阔宁静的湖景的空间,” Lake Flato事务所说。该事务所于1984年在德克萨斯的圣安东尼成立。

Capitalising on the site's natural attributes was central to the design.
"The owners envisioned a space that would celebrate outdoor living and maximise the lake's tranquil views," said Lake Flato, which was founded in 1984 and is based in San Antonio, Texas.

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The site totals five acres (two hectares), but only a small portion of the property could be built on, due to restraints that included a flood plain. In response, the design team conceived an L-shaped dwelling that consists of a main living area and a west wing.

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Clad mostly in wood, the main volume rises two storeys and is tucked into the trees. One side is lined with a 75-foot (23 metres) lap pool, which accommodates the owners' triathlon training

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Inside, a living room, dining room and kitchen are positioned in the centre of the rectangular volume. They are flanked by a screened-in porch on one side and a two-storey porch with a concrete fireplace on the other.

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The spaces enjoy "cool prevailing breezes and shade from adjacent oak trees" the firm said, noting that the home features three pairs of lift-slide doors and many operable windows.
A loft-style master bedroom has an entire wall that can be opened or closed.

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"A movable, barn-like door, the bedroom wall provides privacy when needed from the living room below, allowing the house to be both intimate and airy," the firm explained.

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The west wing comprises two distinct volumes, one containing a guest suite and the other housing a garage and fitness room

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A boardwalk connects all of the elements and leads to a dining pavilion alongside the lake. The boardwalk, combined with outdoor covered porches, "seamlessly blend inside and out" the firm said

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No existing trees were removed during the home's construction, although one pecan tree fell during a storm. The timber was salvaged and used to make various pieces of furniture, including a dining table and desks

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最近,Hog Pen Creek隐舍获得了美国建筑师协会的住宅设计奖。

Lake Flato建筑事务所最近的项目,包括德克萨斯的一个教育中心,它应该是该地区最佳的可持续建筑之一。

摄影:Casey Dunn

Hog Pen Creek Retreat recently won a housing design award from the American Institute of Architects.
Other recent projects by Lake Flato include an education centre in Texas designed to be one of the most sustainable buildings in the state.
Photography is by Casey Dunn.

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总平面图/Site plan

奥斯汀Hog Pen Creek隐舍 / Lake Flato第24张图片
平面图/Floor plan

奥斯汀Hog Pen Creek隐舍 / Lake Flato第25张图片
1-1剖面图/Section one

奥斯汀Hog Pen Creek隐舍 / Lake Flato第26张图片
2-2剖面图/Section two

建筑事务所:Lake Flato
承包商:Don Crowell Builders
结构工程:Datum Engineers
照明设计:Studio Lumina
景观设计:Garden Design Studio
家具:Abode | Fern Santini Design
检验员:Bury + Partners
园艺设计:Don Gardner Consulting Arborist
木工:Thompson Woodworking & Design
暖通空调承包商:Ay Mechanical
泳池承包商:Johnson Custom Pools

Project credits:
Architects: Lake Flato
Contractor: Don Crowell Builders
Structural engineer: Datum Engineers
Lighting designer: Studio Lumina
Specifications: Introspec
Landscape architect: Garden Design Studio
Furnishings: Abode | Fern Santini Design
Surveyor: Bury + Partners
Arborist: Don Gardner Consulting Arborist
Woodwork: Thompson Woodworking & Design
HVAC contractor: Ay Mechanical
Pool contractor: Johnson Custom Pools





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