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Calatrava, Foster + Zaha Hadid Architects to Open Offices at Dubai Design District


迪拜设计区(d3)宣布4个世界领先的建筑公司的办事处开幕——扎哈•哈迪德建筑事务所、圣地亚哥•卡拉特拉瓦建筑和工程事务所、 Foster + Partners和Benoy——向成为一个全球设计中心的城市目标迈进了一步。从2013年4月的第一次开始,D3已成为本地区最杰出的艺术家、设计师和各类创意类型的人的目的地,吸引他们在此工作与合作。到目前为止,D3迎来超过30个中到大型的建筑公司,包括RMJM、SSH和Viktor Udzenija,、瓦格纳和格里姆肖建筑事务所。

Dubai Design District (d3) has announced the opening of offices by 4 of the world’s leading architecture firms – Zaha Hadid Architects, Santiago Calatrava Architects & Engineers, Foster + Partners and Benoy – marking another step towards the city’s goal of becoming a global design hub.  Since first launching in April 2013, d3 has become the region’s preeminent destination for artists, designers and creative types of all kinds to work and collaborate. So far, d3 has welcomed in over 30 architecture firms of medium to large size, including RMJM, SSH and Viktor Udzenija, Wanders Wagner and Grimshaw Architects.


“我们非常骄傲扎哈•哈迪德建筑事务所、圣地亚哥•卡拉特拉瓦建筑事务所、 Foster + Partners和Benoy选择D3作为他们的新家,”Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi说,他是D3的首席运营官。“D3完全致力于支持该地区的设计产业发展,建筑市场是一个重要组成部分。我们目前有超过30家建筑单位位于D3,我们希望吸纳各种的品牌,无论是小型设计的初创企业,还是标志性的全球品牌,它是体现成熟的创意社区的一部分,它也是我们该建筑设计的核心。”

这四个公司在迪拜正在进行或有未来的项目:ZHA的Opus办公楼和酒店,目前已接近尾声; Benoy的多功能开发区“海滩”;圣地亚哥•卡拉特拉瓦在迪拜河设计未来世界上最高的塔;Foster + Partners为迪拜设计区二期规划。

这一消息反映了中东和伊斯兰地区的顶级建筑公司的增加,如最近的热点事件:Al Ain的阿迦可汗建筑奖,ZHA 的搭档Patrik Schumacher参加了这个竞赛。

‘We are extremely proud that Santiago Calatrava, Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster + Partners and Benoy have chosen to make d3 their new home,” said Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, Chief Operating Officer at d3. “d3 is fully committed to supporting the development of the region’s design industry and the architecture market is a key component of this.  We currently have over 30 architectural practices located at d3 but we are dedicated to ensuring that each and every brand that joins us – ranging from small design start-ups to iconic global brands – is part of a fully-fledged creative community that sits at the heart of our architectural design scene.”  
All four firms have ongoing or future projects in Dubai: ZHA’s Opus Office Building and Hotel, currently nearing completion; Benoy’s mixed-use development, The Beach; the Santiago Calatrava-designed future world’s tallest tower at Dubai Creek; and Foster + Partners’ masterplan for Dubai Design District’s stage two.
The news reflects an increased presence of top architecture firms in the Middle East and Islamic regions, as seen in the recent popularity of events such as the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in Al Ain, for which ZHA partner Patrik Schumacher was in attendance.


“2016阿迦汗建筑奖的得主——ZHA 把连通性的概念与设计技术、材料开发和施工实践的巨大进步结合起来。ZHA致力于许多不同的历史和文化区域,以一种有意义的方式解决重要问题,有助于更生态可持续的、综合性的建筑环境的发展,” ZHA 在新闻稿中说。


“A recipient of the 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, ZHA marries concepts of connectivity with the tremendous advancements in design technologies, material development and construction practices. ZHA is working with the many diverse histories and cultures of the region to address important issues in a meaningful way - contributing to the development of more ecologically sustainable and integrated built environments,” said ZHA in a press release.
“Opening on 7 November,ZHA’s office in Dubai has been established in response to the solid growth in demand from new and existing clients across the region; providing even greater levels of assistance, coordination and communication with our increasing client base throughout the Middle East.”





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