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Ascott Orchard Singapore


The Ascott Orchard is a new, premium serviced residence tower on Cairnhill Road, just a few yards from Orchard Road, the fashionable retail hub of Singapore.


The design concept incorporates the soul of fashion elements in a creative and contemporary manner, a true mélange of fashion and hospitality brought together to establish an environment of comfort and calm, a true retreat from the hot hustle bustle of the city on the doorstep.



主设计集合了简约大气、时尚、永恒等风格元素,以简洁色调结合对比强烈的装潢呈现,更在细节上运用了时装元素,如在家具上的订制刺绣和皮革饰板使用了质感上乘、形态优雅的褶皱,和富层次感、富流动感的布料,为时尚格调加分。酒店大部分空间里优雅的家具和装饰都使用了Pierre Frey物料,跟简约的空间、开扬的室外景观,和良好的采光,共同营造出优悠舒适的室内氛围。

The key design parameters incorporate bold, stylish and timeless elements, with a limited palette of colour combined with limited high contrast elements.  The fashion essentials of texture, elegant folds, layering and flowing fabrics have been combined with details of bespoke stitching and leather wrapped panels on furniture elements.  Pierre Frey fabrics have been used in most areas but the simplicity of the spaces, emphasis on the external views and quality of light, together with the elegant furniture and finishes, create relaxing and comfortable areas and apartments.


酒店提供二十多层共220间工作室及套房,工作室间格多样,套房则分别含有一个、二个,或三个卧室,面积从30平方米到80平方米不等。 大堂和接待休息室位于一楼和二楼,四楼设有一个健身房和住客休息室,可俯瞰泳池和花园景致。

The residence offers 220 studios and apartments over twenty floors, with a varied mix of studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments, from 30 to 80sqm.  The lobby and reception lounge are on the first and second floors, plus a gym and resident’s lounge on the fourth floor overlooking the pool deck and landscaped garden.



The first floor entrance area boasts a 10m ceiling with an open void allowing the space to flow into the second floor reception lounge, also with a 5m ceiling height.  The entrance is emphasized by the 10m high feature carved stone wall, emulating a draped fabric, and is contrasted by the curved metal sculptural bench which also compliments the dark finish wall panels at the entrance doors.




The reception lounge is an open area anchored by a large dark slatted screen and dramatic art wall mural.  The photographic artworks throughout the hotel reflect the heart of fashion and showcase the flowing or folding elegance of fabrics, implemented in large murals at all levels, rooms, corridors and public spaces.  Artwork accessories also incorporate stylish fashion items and mannequins, tailored in branded fabrics.


位于四楼的双层健身室,让住客可在露天或空调房间中进行运动,同时透过全玻璃俯瞰泳池和花园平台的景致。第一区的健身室为开放式设计及备有器材站,深受住客欢迎。 健身室设在较低楼层,以简洁黑色框架和摄影作品装饰,使用大量镜子增加视觉空间感,同时亦将风景带入室内。

The double storey height fourth floor gym allows for exercise to be taken in both the open air and air conditioning, incorporating a fully glazed view of the pool and deck.  The first bay of the gym is a covered open space with equipment stations and is proving to be popular with residents.  The gym area design includes the simple black framing and photographic artworks established in the lower floors and uses extensive mirrors to visually extend the space and bring the landscaped deck into the interior.



Also on the fourth floor is a small guest lounge which provides a kitchen and dining area, together with a casual seating area and tv wall.  Guests can use the lounge for general entertaining or private functions and it offers the ambience of a private apartment lounge and dining zone rather than a public area.


房间采用时尚设计概念,与公共区域相似,结合了Pierre Frey布料制作的家具,大大提高空间感和自然亮度,从一个居住空间流淌到另一个。房间间隔多样化,面积从30平方米到80平方米,均设有设备齐全的开放式厨房和餐桌。 浅色调的物料、深色布料、层压板、木材、框架和家具形成强烈的对比效果。人形模型作为艺术装饰品,常与镜子并置形成双重影像,效果炫目;将摄影特效壁画配合简洁黑框制成床头板墙壁;浴室地板和墙壁使用大块浅色瓷砖,结合透明玻璃黑框隔墙和黑框镜柜;全身镜、厨房及艺术品的优美配搭更可突出黑色框架的元素。

The apartments are designed using the fashion concept, similar to the public areas and incorporate Pierre Frey fabrics along with fabric wrapped and stitched furniture.  They are designed to maximize the space and natural light, easily flowing from one living space to another. The apartments are varied and have areas from 30 to 80sqm., all with open, fully fitted kitchens and dining table.  The material palette is light in colour tone, with high contrast provided by some dark fabrics, laminates, timbers, frames and furniture.  Mannequins are used as artwork features, often combined with mirror panels to allow a rear view, along with the photographic murals being installed as bed headboard walls with simple black frames.  Bathrooms use large light coloured tiles for floors and walls, clear glass partitions and the mirror cabinets reflect the dark frame elements also found in some of the kitchen wall cabinets, mirror and artwork frames.

设计公司:思联建筑设计有限公司 (CL3)
摄影师:Nirut Benjabanpot

Project Name: Ascott Orchard Singapore
Design Company: CL3 Architects Limited (
Category: Hotel
Location: Singapore
Site Area: 4261.80m2
Completion: January 2017
Photographer: Nirut Benjabanpot

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