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Controversial Iron Ring set to be submerged in landscape beside a Welsh castle


George King建筑事务所在威尔士的弗林特城堡旁设计了一个巨大的环形步道,但遭到了当地人的激烈反对,他们将其视为历史压迫的象征。

George King建筑事务所在伦敦和格洛斯特郡设有工作室,在全国范围的招标中一举夺魁,受邀为北威尔士城堡附近的景点设计方案。

然而,当地居民认为这个项目象征的是一段并不光辉的历史, 1272年至1307年间的英国国王爱德华一世曾经试图“侮辱和压迫”威尔士人,因此,当地居民甚至联名上书要求废除这个巨大的“铁环”。

A huge ring-shaped walkway designed by architect George King is set to be built next to Flint Castle in Wales – but has been met with fierce opposition by locals, who see it as symbol of historic oppression.
George King Architects, which has offices in London and Gloucestershire, was awarded the project following a nation-wide competition that invited leading artists and architects to present ideas for a site near the castle in north Wales.
However local residents see the project as a reminder of how Edward I, King of England from 1272 to 1307, tried to "subjugate and oppress" the Welsh people – and have launched a petition calling for the design to be scrapped.


“我们认为这对威尔士人民和我们的祖先数百年来所受到压迫与打击的事实极为不尊。”这份请愿书上除了有9000个签名之外还这么写道。弗林特城堡位于德伊河旁边,始建于1277年。它是由英国国王爱德华一世在威尔士建造的第一座城堡,后来,他继续在该地区建造更多的城堡,形成镇压威尔士人民的“铁环” 。

然而George King Architects事务所的设计只是代表一个循环。建筑师说,它“象征着一个巨大生锈的皇冠,代表了欧洲中世纪君主制与城堡之间的关系。”


"We find this extremely disrespectful to the people of Wales and our ancestors who have battled oppression, subjugation and injustice for hundreds of years," reads the petition, which is just short of its target of 9,000 signatures.
Flint Castle is situated beside the River Dee and was begun in 1277. It was one of the first castles to be built in Wales by Edward I, who went on to construct further castles in the region forming an "Iron Ring" used to suppress Welsh resistance.
King's design is intended to represent this ring. According to the architect, it "symbolises a giant rusted crown representing the relationship between the medieval monarchies of Europe and the castles they built."
Set to cantilever from the earth to a height of seven metres, the 30-metre-diameter structure will incorporate a walkway offering elevated views across the estuary of the River Dee and towards the castle.





"The sculpture will take a precariously balanced form, half buried beneath the ground, half projecting into the air, to demonstrate the unstable nature of the crown," said King.
"The sculpture has been carefully designed to work at many scales. From afar its striking, iconic form resembles a giant ancient artefact, washed up on the shore of the Dee Estuary."
The weathering steel structure will touch the ground at just two points. There are also plans to engrave its inner surfaces with words and phrases chosen by local residents to celebrate landmarks, historic towns and flora and fauna from the surrounding area.



这个价值395,000英镑的设施于2018年开放,这是城堡和Flint Foreshore周边地区重建工程的扩大项目之一。


George King Architects事务所经常受到交互式装置、雕塑和小型艺术作品的委托工作,其中包括底特律的紫外线毛线发光迷宫式装置。

The design was selected by a panel of experts from the Welsh Government's historic environment service (Cadw) and Arts Council for Wales, which was looking for an artwork celebrating Wales' Year of Legends.
The £395,000 installation is scheduled to open in 2018, as part of a wider masterplan to regenerate the area around the castle and the Flint Foreshore.
The castle itself will be enhanced through the introduction of a stainless-steel spiral staircase costing £217,000, which will be inserted into the space once occupied by the original masonry stairs and will provide visitors with access to a new viewing platform in the tower.
George King Architects regularly works on commissions for interactive installations, sculptures and small artworks, including a glowing maze-like installation in Detroit created using ultra-violet wool thread.








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