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航空公司Volerian 在范堡罗(Farnborough)航展上最安静、安全的飞行车
Volerian, the quietest and safest flying car at Farnborough Airshow


航空公司Volerian在2018年范堡罗航空展(Farnborough International Airshow )上展示了其新研发的技术,提出了一种避免噪音和危险状况的飞机推进技术方案。此次的创新使具有革命性的新型飞行器成为可能,它有着安全、无噪声且经济的特点,这些特征在传统的风扇或螺旋桨飞行中无法实现。

The aeronautical company Volerian proposes a solution to the noisy and dangerous aircraft propulsive technologies presenting its newly-developed system at Farnborough International Airshow 2018. The unprecedented safety, quietness, and economy of the innovation enable a revolutionary new class of flying vehicles with characteristics that are unattainable with conventional fans or propellers.


其飞行速度较快,时间较短,同时成本较低/Ride-hailing will enable convenient aerial transport at short notice, anywhere and at low cost


Volerian’s new propulsion system is much quieter and safer than the personal air transportation that uses propellers or conventional fan, because of the greater distribution of energy down the length of the oscillating wing and across the whole area of the array. The moving parts are almost inaccessible, to the extent that, in case someone actually fells onto the array, they remain unhurt.


这种设计创造了“偏转推力”系统,将气流旋转90度,从而提供VTOL/Flaps on this longer range design create a ‘deflected thrust’ system, turning the airflow 90 degrees to provide VTOL


Work is being carried out to allow the wings to flap in an unpowered descent so that the drag created would cause the array to act like a parachute, preventing it from ‘falling out of the sky’. The area of Volerian’s single seat urban aircraft concept will be roughly the same footprint as a large car and will be able to be used in any situation where a car can be used and more. The efficiency of the system is as good as a propeller and the final design is likely to be better.


“大阵列”Volerian 私人飞行器非常适合城市交通和通勤/A ‘large array’ Volerian personal air vehicle is well adapted for urban transport and commuting


‘Work on the propulsion system geometry and basic operation is largely complete and the development of the single seat personal aircraft will soon begin,’ explains the design team. ‘Carbon fiber will be used to bring the weight down, while mass manufacturing techniques, such as pultrusion, will help keep costs down.’


电池和电动机的使用不仅使系统在某些电机或机翼失灵时有足够的能量,同时还满足环境友好性能/The use of batteries and electric motors not only gives the system greater redundancy if some of the motors or wings fail, but it also makes the aircraft very environmentally friendly


第一辆科幻小说型飞车正在开发中/The first flying car to really live up to the expectations of science fiction is now under development


居住地点将不再被交通基础设施或附近的设施所限制/Living locations will no longer be tied to set transport infrastructure or nearby amenities


快速、远程飞机的概念,将管道与运作的机翼放置在一起/Fast, long-range aircraft concepts can be designed with the ducted, flapping wings built into a conventional wing


电动VTOL飞机只需要少量地面基础设施,并且可以快速飞行,不受交通拥堵的困扰/Electric VTOL aircraft require very little infrastructure on the ground and can reliably and quickly travel anywhere without the problems of congestion or traffic jams that plague ground cars


在推进飞行时,导流风扇会由于导管边缘处的气流而产生一定问题,但就Volerian来说,由于与飞行方向一致,那么空气便能直接穿过/Ducted fans have control and thrust problems arising from airflow at the duct lip in forwarding flight but Volerian’s array, aligned with the direction of flight, allows air to flow straight through


该推进系统可适应不同类型的飞机,也可以使用不同版本的飞行机翼/The propulsion system can be adapted to different types of aircraft and sizes, including the use of different versions for specific parts of the flight profile


像螺旋桨一样,该系统可以在常规飞机上使用,具有更高的推进效率、更少的噪音和危险状况/Like a propeller, the system can be used on a conventional aircraft with the added benefits of a higher propulsive efficiency, less noise, and less danger


Volerian推进系统的基础是一组带有定子叶片的振荡机翼阵列,安装在特殊形状的管道中/The basis of Volerian’s propulsion system is an array of oscillating wings, with stator vanes, set into specially shaped ducts




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