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Eemsdelta Campus | Felixx & De Unie Architecten


荷兰格罗宁根市预计在2022年实现让1,700名学生在绿色校园中学习的愿景。教学楼由De Unie Architecten事务所设计,六栋相互连通的建筑囊括了各类型的中学、职专和文体设施,从而形成一个规模约14,000m2的建筑群。占地四公顷的校园动态景观则由Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners事务所打造,整个校园在建设完成后呈现生机勃勃的风貌。社会的参与贯穿了整个设计过程,其中所涉及的利益相关方包括市政府、各个学校和各门学科。设计团队与18个学校部门进行了讨论,并与400多名使用者开展了40余次工作坊。该项目于2020年开始建设,预计于2022年完成。Eemsdelta将是一座抗震、圆形、甚至可以产生能源的学院城。

From 2022, 1,700 students in the province of Groningen will attend classes on a green campus. Its design, by De Unie Architecten, brings different types of secondary education, practical education, cultural amenities, and sports facilities together into one architectural complex that spans 14,000m2 and six inter-connected buildings. The campus is set against four hectares of dynamic park landscapes, designed by Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners, which proudly presents the final design for its integral development. Its design took shape through a participative process that included all of the stakeholders involved: the municipality, the different schools, and different disciplines. The design team engaged in discussions with 18 school departments, and held more than 40 workshops with more than 400 future users. Construction is planned to begin in 2020, with completion anticipated for 2022. The Eemsdelta Campus will be earthquake proof, circular, and generate its own energy.




校园的布局受到格罗宁根古时乡村景观中土房子的影响。 Eemsdelta学院城的放射状布局仿自维尔德村落格局,每所学校都有自己的“空间特征”,而且每栋楼的室内设计、身份象征和外观都不相同。除了三所中学之外,校园还设置了许多不同的体育和文化设施,其组织方式能够满足学校师生和外来人员可以独立使用的需求。这些建筑物环绕着作为主要入口和公共活动区域的中心枢纽。周围的景观在建筑物之间流动,将Eemsdelta学院城塑造为一座为流线清晰又开放共享的校园综合体。

Campus Complex
The layout of the school campus was inspired by the historical “wierden”, artificial dwelling mounds found in the rural landscape of Groningen. The Eemsdelta college uses the radial set-up of wierde-villages, where each school gets its own “house” with its own internal organization, identity, and appearance. In addition to the three secondary schools, the campus also houses many different sports and cultural facilities for the region, which are organized in such a way that both the schools and other users can use them independently. The buildings are situated around a central heart, which functions as a hub, main entrance, and area for shared activities. The surrounding landscape flows in between the buildings, and turns the Eemsdelta college into a transparent and inviting complex.




Central Heart
The enclosed patio is designed as a meeting place for students, in which the tree of knowledge stands amongst the grass on an elevated island, as the heart of the campus. Planters with flowers were designed in an integral manner, to highlight the relationship between indoors and outdoors. Yellow flagstones enhance the garden experience and match the yellow tiles in the center. The outdoor podium, where students can celebrate the year come to an end, is designed as a single element together with the staircase that leads to the roof. The roof features various objects that are placed in such a way as to create a quiet garden, which can also be used as a study area. Its seating is inspired by the different types of social interaction amongst students; quiet seclusion, conversing together, or relaxing as a group.



建筑群周边的景观分为各种景观主题“房间”。这些“房间”都有各个主题,从而将各个学习区域连接起来,例如花园苗圃、工作坊、运动海滩以及沿生态池塘而设的小型科研森林(小树林)。“房间”不仅可以激发人们的使用欲望,而且还为人们提供安静、放松和沉思的空间。 “房间”内还放置了景观小品来辅助活动的需求,比如苗圃中的温室、广场上的工具架、生物花园中的天文台,巨石墙和海滩上的草地。这些景观小品与一些特殊课程或研究息息相关。

educational Landscape
The surrounding landscape is organized into different landscape-themed rooms. The rooms connect the various study areas through their thematic designs, such as a garden nursery, workshop, sports beach, and a small science forest (tiny forest) along the ecological pond. The rooms stimulate active use, but also give space for tranquility, relaxation, and contemplation. Sculptural objects are placed within the rooms, which encourage specific use: a greenhouse in the nursery, a toolshed on the square, an observatory in the biology garden, a boulder wall and multi-court along the beach. These objects are all connected to specific courses or studies.




Garden Nursery
On the northern side of the school complex is the nursery with an outdoor terrace, whose striking greenhouse with instruction room is centrally located within the garden. The nursery is enclosed by a hedge: with its different types of trees and plants, it can be used for maintenance and pruning classes. Its seedbeds are placed in a grid-like structure, and fresh vegetables are grown and harvested to be used by the on-site restaurant. In the flower and herb garden, biology and science students learn how to accurately identify plant species.




Sports Area
The southern side of the campus is the most active, open space, which connects to the Damsterdiep, a canal between the cities of Groningen and Delfzijl. Different types of sports facilities and meeting places are situated around a central pond, such as a multi-court, panna cage, and a beach with volleyball courts. The starting point of the “Daily Mile”, a 1.6km long running track, sits along the grandstand on the southside of the Sports building.




The Workshop Square
The workshop square is the landscape room with a rougher edge. The space is used to tinker with cars, and students can practice construction methods for paving. Graphic lines on the concrete paving subtly mark safety zones, while green islands with multi-trunk trees and flowery grass naturally show the route along the square.




Nature Reserve
The existing water feature will have a natural feel with more water buffering capacity, with ecological embankments, flowery grass, and a bird island. The water is visible from different locations, and could be used for tests and research on underwater life. The landscape around the pond is designed as a park with multiple areas to be used as outdoor classrooms, such as an amphitheater and seating areas in the Tiny Forest. The conditions of an actual forest are simulated herein, which students can study and monitor.

设计团队:Felixx, De Unie Architecten, Technion Adviseurs, Alferlink Van Schieveen ingenieursbureau, DG Groep
客户:Stichting Voortgezet Onderwijs Eemsdelta
图纸:De Unie + Felixx手绘由De Unie和Felixx事务所提供

Eemsdelta Campus
Location: Appingedam, The Netherlands
Design Team: Felixx, De Unie Architecten, Technion Adviseurs, Alferlink Van Schieveen ingenieursbureau, DG Groep
Client: Stichting Voortgezet Onderwijs Eemsdelta
ROC Noorderpoort
Program: campus of 3 secondary schools, cultural cluster en sport facilities
Size: 3.5ha
Year: 2018 – 2021
Drawings by De Unie + Felixx
Renders by ©Plomp




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