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Amager Resource Center



BIG won the competition for the 1.02 million-square-foot Amager Resource Center with this widely touted scheme, which promises to turn a waste-to-energy plant into a popular attraction. By integrating a ski slope into the roof and a rock-climbing wall up one face, the architects build upon the project’s location: a part of Copenhagen on the island of Amager that has become a destination for extreme sports enthusiasts, thanks to its parks, beaches, dunes, and a lagoon for kayaking and windsurfing. At 100 meters tall, the center will be one of the city’s tallest landmarks when completed—and a striking example of building-as-landscape. Indeed, the client has taken to calling it the Amager Bakke, or Amager Hill.

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The processing portions of the building are constructed of cast-in-place concrete with administrative offices framed in steel. The exterior is composed of a checkerboard grid of stacked planters with glazing between, creating a sort of supersized green masonry wall of great porosity that will provide the interiors with substantial natural light and give the elevations a patterned appearance. The switchback of the rooftop ski slope will be a highly visible fifth façade that most fully expresses the architects’ desire to create a building that is economically, environmentally, and socially profitable.

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The plant will turn roughly six pounds of kitchen garbage into five hours of heating and four hours of electricity. (It’s designed to process 435,000 tons of waste per year, and serve about 140,000 local households.) Its chimney marks each ton of carbon dioxide exhausted by venting a steam “smoke ring,” giving Copenhagen’s population a clear—and playful—indication of the plant’s productivity.—Edward Keegan

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项目简介 / Project Credits
项目名称 / Project: Amager Resource Center, Copenhagen
客户 / Client: Amager Resource Center
建筑设计事务所 / Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), New York and Copenhagen .
占地面积 / Size: 1.02 million square feet (building); 344,000 square feet (roof/ski slope)
费用 / Cost: Withheld

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阿迈厄岛资源中心/Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)第6张图片

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After a period of time where it looked like it would be scraped from the drawing board, Amagerforbraending, a Danish waste-to-energy plant designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), is a go: the City of Copenhagen broke ground on the project on March 4. While waste-to-energy plants have hardly been public destinations in the past, the BIG project incorporates public use as a main design element: the $650 million facility on the outskirts of the city will combine a waste-to-energy plant with a 333,681-square-foot ski area, including a mile of ski runs and a terrain park.

阿迈厄岛资源中心/Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)第8张图片


Skiers will access the slopes via an elevator adjacent to the incinerator’s smokestack, which will transport them to the top of the ski slope. Plans also include having the smokestack puff smoke rings for each ton of carbon dioxide released to remind Danes of their carbon footprint.





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