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霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第1张图片

Fire Station in Chamonix-Mont Blanc Valley


来自建筑事务所的描述:2012年建筑设计竞赛的获胜者Studio Gardoni Architectures事务所将这栋大型公共设施建筑安置在霞慕尼小镇中,并使之与山谷壮丽的景观融合在一起。建筑顺着山坡逐渐升高,建筑四周环绕着的都是森林净土,并且当自然的地位需要被突出的时候,建筑也会隐藏在地形之下。

From the architect. Winner of the architecture competition in 2012, Studio Gardoni Architectures discreetly fit this major facility into the small town of Chamonix and more particularly into the valley’s grandiose landscape. Rising from the slope, the building is covered up by the ground of the clearing, and is destined to disappear when the nature once again reclaims its rightful place.

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第2张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第3张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第4张图片
底层平面图/Plan 0

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第5张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau


re precisely, it aims to render invisible the impact of a fire station as we typically see or imagine one, a building bustling with activity, with a particularly prominent roadway network. At an emergency services center, every second counts, requiring a design that emphasizes precision and detail.This new building not only meets these criteria scrupulously, but has also been cleverly designed to enable the vehicle bay to be placed underground.

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第6张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau


In order to minimize impact and allow space for the natural environment to once again thrive, key elements had to be both built underground and made more compact. The shape is akin to an assembly of elements of programs that intertwine opportunistically to simultaneously create proximity (functionality and ergonomics) and minimize the structure’s footprint. This principle results in a building with two facades that are partially or entirely underground, and two broad facades that contain all of the functions. This is epitomized through the opaque, mysterious structure of the gymnasium, an emblematic figure at the bow of the complex.

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第7张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第8张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau


Inherent to the nature of this site is the passing of time. These spaces are materialized in a process of disappearance, of time unfolding. Here, time is not destructive but transformative.

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第9张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第10张图片
三层平面图/Plan 2

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第11张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau


First of all, nature covers the roof, and will reclaim its rightful place, both around and on the structure. The gabion foundations are composed of rocks from the site, a selection of pebbles excavated from the surrounding glacial moraine.

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第12张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau


Finally, the copper, found in the scaled façade and the standing seams, begins its slow mutation once it has been installed, and will turn from gold to brown, as seen in a number of structures found in the valley. This material reflects the surrounding peaks, transforms the site and is transfigured every hour of the day by the changing sunlight and the clouds.

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第13张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第14张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第15张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第16张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第17张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第18张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第19张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第20张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第21张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第22张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第23张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第24张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第25张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第26张图片
© Jerome Ricolleau

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第27张图片
场地平面图/Site Plan

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第28张图片
二层平面图/Plan 1

霞慕尼•勃朗峰消防站/ Studio Gardoni Architectures第29张图片

建筑事务所:Studio Gardoni Architectures
摄影:Jerome Ricolleau
制造商:Casalgrande Padana, TECU, Trespa, Wicona
景观设计:Atelier Anne Gardoni

Architects: Studio Gardoni Architectures
Location: Chamonix, France
Area: 2752.0 sqm
Project Year: 2016
Photographs: Jerome Ricolleau
Manufacturers: Casalgrande Padana, TECU, Trespa, Wicona
Landscape: Atelier Anne Gardoni





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