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多伦多长型城市住宅改造/ Post Architecture第1张图片

Post Architecture overhauls slender urban home in Toronto


一个以白色穿孔板为扶手的黑色的楼梯曲折穿过这个由加拿大Post Architecture工作室改造的城市住宅。


A black staircase lined with perforated white walls zig-zags up through this renovated city dwelling by Canadian studio Post Architecture.
Called the Junction Shadow House, the semi-detached family home in Toronto began as a mirror image of its neighbour.

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Early in the design process, the team determined that earlier additions, such as a front room over the porch and a mudroom in the rear, were structurally unsound and threatened to destabilise the masonry structure.

多伦多长型城市住宅改造/ Post Architecture第3张图片

“因此它们被拆除,只留下原来房子的外壳,”Post Architecture事务所说,这是由多伦多建筑师Gloria Apostolou领导的公司。


"As a result, they were demolished, leaving the shell of the original house to work with," said Post Architecture, a boutique firm in Toronto led by architect Gloria Apostolou.
The street-facing facade was re-designed to include a large window box, which links exterior and interior life. The front porch is lined with dark-stained wood.

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A new mudroom was conceived for the ground floor and was placed at the rear of the dwelling, enabling easy access to the backyard – "and, more importantly, access to the dog washing station in the basement", the studio said.
The third-floor attic was converted into a relaxing living area for the homeowners. The second floor contains two bedrooms, while the ground level encompasses an open-plan dining room and kitchen.

多伦多长型城市住宅改造/ Post Architecture第6张图片


Given that the residence is tucked into a dense urban site, natural light can only penetrate from the front and rear elevations. The architect focused on maximising light entering from the south and distributing it throughout the interior.

多伦多长型城市住宅改造/ Post Architecture第7张图片


The home features interplays between light and dark. "The finishes reflect the idea of shade, with a palette of whites, blacks and greys—and occasionally a pop of colour," the architect explained.

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A black staircase that winds up through the narrow home was lined with white powder-coated metal guards that are perforated. "Spaces are visually interconnected on all levels through the feature staircase, creating views and plays with shadows," the architect said.
At the ground level, a platform connected to the stairs contains drawers for storing shoes.

多伦多长型城市住宅改造/ Post Architecture第10张图片


Room were painted bright white and fitted with contemporary decor. In one area, hexagonal bathroom tiles extend into a bedroom and merge with the wooden floorboards.

多伦多长型城市住宅改造/ Post Architecture第11张图片

在多伦多其他的住宅项目包括Paul Raff工作室设计的铝制百叶窗住宅,和由Reigo and Bauer设计的装饰着黑卵石层和热情的粉色前门。

摄影:Revelateur Studio

Other residential projects in Toronto include a residence by Paul Raff Studio with a brise-soleil made of aluminium louvres and a home by Reigo and Bauer that features black shingle cladding and a hot pink front door.
Photography is by Revelateur Studio, courtesy of Post Architecture.

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