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LA's Natural History Museum to Expand With Transparent "Front Porch" Additions


洛杉矶自然历史博物馆(NHM)发布了项目扩建的概念设计方案,本次扩建由洛杉矶本地公司Frederick Fisher and Partners (FF&P)主持设计,建筑师构思了第一个十年计划,目的是让洛杉矶自然历史博物馆成为博览会公园的历史中心。本次扩建项目主要集中于博物馆的西面与南面,用于展出著名的冰河时代化石遗址,这些遗物来源于拉布雷亚沥青坑以及汉考克公园。

项目委员会董事长Mark Ridley如是说:


由洛杉矶自然历史博物馆(NHM)和Frederick Fisher and Partners事务所(FF&P)共同设计规划的博览会公园设施规划方案近期已揭晓,本次扩建的目的是提升展览空间的可见性与灵活性,建筑师的设计策略是将展览空间可视化,从而创建一个全新的公园中心。该项目的设计过程将成为日后类似项目的一大参考案例。

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) has released concept designs for the new NHM West/South Project – a scheme designed by LA firm Frederick Fisher and Partners (FF&P) in the first step towards a 10-year revitalization of the NHM as Exposition Park’s historic hub. The extensions would focus on the west and south sides of the museum, supporting new uses and reimagining the programs and spaces of its famous Ice Age fossil site at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum in Hancock Park.

County Board Chairman Mark Ridley said of the project:
“Exposition Park, and the Natural History Museum as its anchor, is about to enter the world stage as a cultural, entertainment, sports, and education destination. Its audiences are twofold: local Los AngelesCounty residents and visitors from all over the world, and the park partners need to connect with both. This new project provides a vibrant and transparent window into the mysteries of our world and will be an exciting and welcoming venue for the entire community.”

A facilities program plan for the Exposition Park museum campus has been developed by the NHM and FF&P to address increasing capacity, flexibility and transparency of the gallery space by improving the visible storage of its collections and creating a new study center. This program plan should serve as a catalyst for the architectural design process to follow.

Courtesy of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

在该项目中,建筑师原先设计的是一个多功能的聚集空间,鼓励公园以及周边社区的人们进行交流,促进有关影响文化和自然世界的关键因素的思想碰撞。而另一个概念方案则是用一个全新的扩建结构来替代现有的Jean Delacour礼堂,这样不仅能够促进大众的交流,也可以作为现有功能的补充。在这个方案中,建筑立面通体晶莹,但每层的透明度却各不相同,该方案将博物馆面向公园与社区开放,使得草坪上的游客也可以远远地欣赏博物馆。

A multi-purpose, immersive theater is proposed as a gathering space for the Exposition Park community and surrounding neighborhoods to encourage and facilitate dialogue about critical issues affecting the cultural and natural worlds. Another preliminary concept suggests replacing the existing Jean Delacour Auditorium with a new addition that would bookend the mass of the museum and complement the heritage attributes of the existing structure. A façade of glass with varying levels of transparency would respond the the desire to create openness within the park and the community, with visitors to the South Lawn able to see into the museum.

Courtesy of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


A new entry to the building at the southern corner would act as a kind of “front porch,” extending the length of the southwest perimeter. A double height lobby would invite visitors into a Welcome Center and to a transparent passage towards the Grand Foyer. The proposal suggests a reworking of the gallery and office spaces of the museum to create a more interesting overlap between research activities, educational programs and the display areas. Tourists and locals would also be drawn to a proposed rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the immediate context and the wider city as a whole.

Courtesy of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


As a national leader in research, exhibitions and education and accommodating close to 1.3 million visitors annually, the NHM has been a crucial cultural landmark in Los Angeles since 1913. Its 10-year Next transformation, completed in 2013, generated award-winning exhibitions. This future 10-year plan will seek to resolve elements of the future of the museum that were not addressed. With the architectural design and guidance of FF&P, the NHM hope to further and represent their research of “a museum paradigm that once focused on the past, but increasingly addresses the present and the future.”
News via Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County





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