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VIL项目是Conscious Minds洛杉矶总部的扩建部分,该总部办公室以现有仓库为基础进行扩建。色彩分明的天花板成为该办公区域的主要特征,空间整体围绕两间会议室而设。内部空间表面的数字化设计在强调实用主义的同时,也通过两种材质的强烈对比,呈现出空间撕裂般的独特体验。与此同时,位于中央的会议室与周围空间建立了良好的对视。

The project VIL is an interior build-out in an existing warehouse for the Los Angeles headquarters of the content and production agency Conscious Minds. A main architectural feature is a continuous surface sheet forming an articulated ceiling and simultaneously folding around two conference spaces. The digital surface manipulation follows in part pragmatic stipulations but also creates a divided two-material sheet that appears to artificially tear at the seams to allow glimpses into the otherwise enclosed conference rooms.

▼色彩分明的天花板成为该办公区域的主要特征,a main architectural feature is a continuous surface sheet forming an articulated ceiling

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第1张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第2张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第3张图片


From the beginning, an emphasis was put on creating an interior for multiple uses and purposes since as a content and production provider, the client requested a highly flexible space that allows staging scenarios and different team configurations for their client-base. At the same time it was suggested to establish a contemporary architectural leitmotif that allows distinguishing the studio from common open floor plan warehouse offices. The friction between program and existing space became the main driver of the architectural design. Private offices are facing the main open workspaces that are anchored by the two conference spaces on both ends. A main conference space forms simultaneously the lobby space with an unfolding lounge component.

▼主要大厅连接两个会议空间,the main lobby connects to two conference room

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第4张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第5张图片

▼主要办公大厅,the main working space

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第6张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第7张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第8张图片

▼主要办公空间与私密办公空间相对视,view connections of the main working space and the private offices

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第9张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第10张图片


Two new conference spaces, strategically placed in the lower open space portion of the warehouse, inflate a surface, acting as embedded objects in a continuous single skin-surface. This object vs. object dialogue also initiates the shredding of the silhouetting skin in multiple locations allowing some fragments of the rupture to fold back into the programmed spaces offering opportunities for apertures. A large two-story space serves as main staging area with various social amenities such as kitchen, library and broad room-spanning stairs that connect the outdoor via a 24ft wide sliding door, giving large flexibility to the use of this space.

▼会议室,conference room

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第11张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第12张图片

▼休息空间,the lobby

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第13张图片


Materially the project retains an organic, natural appearance, dominated by the use of raw plywood sheets. However, the material attitude is purposefully ambiguous allowing the material to perform occasionally as soft corners or as hard edges. The material split follows the linear rupture along the main direction of the space allowing the plywood to enter a formal dialogue with the white drywall. Formal and material components together articulate a visual, graphic narrative throughout the interior build out, enhancing the spatial effect and creating thus an identity for the creative office.

▼展现材料的有机属性,show the natural appearance of materials

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第14张图片

VIL办公空间改造,洛杉矶 / Domaen第15张图片




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