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During the period of 2015.08.21 and 2015.09.10, there were a series of public cultural activities named “Gravitational Field——interconnections between architecture and public culture” helding in the Jing'an Temple Square, which is the most prosperous site in Shanghai. And one architectural installation -- 《Flexible Landscape》was born, which is both artistic and practical.

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo


Jing'an Temple Square is relatively 7m lower than West Nanjing Road, so the installation is understood as a set of open landscape in this site, and looks like a bonsai of the city, getting involved with a soft and light profile. Two arc-shaped ridges scattered, as if mountains in the basin, cleverly responding to the open stage and the crowded metro exit.

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Courtesy of GOA

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo


Due to the square stone material ground does not allow any damage, the whole installation was impossible to has basis or ground fixation. And considering of the powerful typhoon damage, the designers eventually decided to adopt 50 pieces of streamline 20-meter long wooden bamboo forming a fluctuating body.

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第5张图片
© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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Render/渲染。Image Courtesy of GOA

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Render/渲染。Image Courtesy of GOA


In the August of Shanghai, the temperature was scorching, this “arc-mountain ” provided space for abundant public activities in the square with the two shaded space. The water mist sprays hidden in the gap of frame continuing cooled the square. Meanwhile, mist-shrouded scene enhanced the sight of the visual impression of urban landscape bonsai. Under the summer sun, and occasionally appeared a rainbow on top of the mountain, which maked people feel relaxing.

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Courtesy of GOA


Bamboo is one characteristic plant in China, and Chinese people like bamboo for a long time. “wooden bamboo” is made of advanced fiber by hot gluing technology, It has the characteristics of high strength and high toughness, making people feel more natural and familiar , and some sense of cultural belonging.

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo


The installation itself was a work of art, as well as a space for other activities. A series of public events happened in this “Landscape Bonsai” one after another, here was the experimental field, theater, exhibition, market, playground. It inspires the vitality and creativity of the city, and displayed the open spirit of the city by an architectural way.

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

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© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第23张图片
© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第24张图片
Model/模型。Image Courtesy of GOA

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第25张图片
Model/模型。Image Courtesy of GOA

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第26张图片
Model/模型。Image Courtesy of GOA

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第27张图片
Site Plan/场地平面图

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第28张图片

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第29张图片

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第30张图片

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第31张图片

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第32张图片

弹性景观 / GOA Architects第33张图片
© LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo

建筑设计:GOA Architects
设计师:Wang Yibo, Huang Weile, Zhu Xudong
摄影: LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo, Courtesy of GOA

Architects: GOA Architects
Location: Shanghai, China
Co-designer: CAUP
Designers: Wang Yibo, Huang Weile, Zhu Xudong
Area: 120.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: LYU Hengzhong, Shen Bo, Courtesy of GOA





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