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阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第1张图片

Point Studio propose pixelated dome restaurants for construction in Muscat, Oman



Iran based architecture firm Point Studio has suggested a collection of four volumes to house a complex of restaurants in the Oman capital of muscat. Each containing a separate restaurant, the project aims to create a united urban space in the city, defined by a large public court at its entrance.

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第2张图片


Comprised of four pixelated undulating structures, the architecture of the site is designed in response to the city’s hot and humid climate. Considering the need for shade, green space and shared public environments, Point studio’s cubic honeycombs are patterned with panels of reflective glass effectively diverting sunlight and aerating the structure as a whole. The ‘building block’ facade of the restaurants naturally accommodate a series of stepped gardens that extend from the communal court to the roof of the complex.

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第3张图片


Extending out from the face of the building and covering the public courtyard are decorative tiles, that both echo the overall design and serve a secondary functional purpose. Some become miniature green spaces for plants and trees while others contain illuminated fountain features. Sharing a courtyard and overall aesthetic means no one eatery is given precedence over another, and creates a single cohesive identity for the site.

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第4张图片


Inside, the restaurants play out over multiple levels. Ground floor seating is reserved for general use, while more secluded booths and VIP areas are located on an elevated platform. Each restaurant shares a basic functional plan, deliberately designed to create a sense of unity between the four locations, despite their creative differences. The geometric exterior effect is mirrored inside, creating a dynamic dining environment. Complemented by lighting and decorative features that mimic the exterior design, the interior walls appear to be in a constant state of flux — an effect exaggerated by the unreserved use of mirroring throughout, maximising internal space and creating an atmosphere of dynamism and luxury.

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第5张图片

反光砖也可以从内部被照亮,创造引人注目的夜间魅力/The reflective tiles can also be illuminated from within, creating an eye-catching nighttime attraction

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第6张图片

餐馆逐渐展开多个层次/The restaurants play out over multiple levels

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第7张图片

在最大化的空间中毫无保留的使用镜像并产生动态空间/Unreserved use of mirrors within maximises space and lends a dynamism to the space
阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第8张图片

底层平面图/ground floor plan

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第9张图片

贵宾区/VIP areas

阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第10张图片


阿曼的像素化圆顶餐馆/ Point Studio第11张图片

剖面图/section B

工作室:point studio (esfahan, iran)
设计团队:mohammad amin davarpanah, ali eslami, adib iravani, shakiba jafari, mohsen khazdooz, adel khorasani zadeh, hossein panjeh pour
民事顾问:saleh khorasani zadeh
项目管理:shams development LLC
客户:ministry of tourism, sultanate of oman

project info:
studio: point studio (esfahan, iran)
design team: mohammad amin davarpanah, ali eslami, adib iravani, shakiba jafari, mohsen khazdooz, adel khorasani zadeh, hossein panjeh pour
civil consultant: saleh khorasani zadeh
project management: shams development LLC
client: ministry of tourism, sultanate of oman





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