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镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第1张图片

1967年蒙特利尔世界博览会“人与世界”,巴克敏斯特•富勒(Buckminster Fuller)的网格穹顶与2012年太阳能实验房|Montreal 1967 World's Fair, "Man and His World," Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome With Solar Experimental House, 2012

Jade Doskow的“消失的乌托邦”系列摄影,通过照片记录过去世界博览会基地
Jade Doskow's Lost Utopias photo series documents past World's Fair sites


摄影师Jade Doskow在过去的十年里一直在为其”消失的乌托邦”系列作品,记录位于北美和欧洲的世博会基地的衰落与繁荣。

Photographer Jade Doskow has spent the last decade documenting crumbling and thriving World's Fair sites across North America and Europe for her Lost Utopias series.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第2张图片

1982年诺克斯维尔世界博览会,“能源转动世界”,Sunsphere,摄于2009年|Knoxville 1982 World's Fair, "Energy Turns the World", Sunsphere, 2009.




Once a display of the time's most pioneering ideas, these exposition sites now exist predominantly in a state of decline or dereliction.
The dystopian-style series has seen Doskow travel to and photograph the remaining art, architecture and landscaping at 27 of the World's Fairs sites across North America and Europe.
The images illustrate the urban sites in their recent states, having either been left victim to the elements like New York's 1964 State Pavilion, or revived and maintained as popular tourist attractions like Paris' Eiffel Tower.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第3张图片

1876年费城世界博览会,“百年展览会”,公共洗手间,摄于2008年|Philadelphia 1876 World's Fair, "Centennial Exposition", Fair Washrooms, 2008.

“消失的乌托邦”这个概念最初由2004年的一次Seville家庭之旅发展而来,当时纽约的Doskow参观了 1992年世界博览会。



The concept for the Lost Utopias project initially developed from a family trip to Seville in 2004, when New York-based Doskow came across the 1992 World's Exposition site.
"I was immediately captivated by the surreality of the situation and the seemingly hodgepodge use of the huge site," she explained.
"Canals were filled with tall grasses, a decorative fountain glistened with beer cans and algae, many structures were overgrown with weeds, yet several buildings were still in use, including for the RTVA radio station of Seville."

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第4张图片

1964年纽约世界博览会,“通过理解架起和平之桥”,摄于2009年|New York 1964 World's Fair, "Peace Through Understanding", Unisphere, 2009.



Following this experience, in 2006 Doskow began to plan her project of photographing numerous World's Fairs sites across the world, which took off a year later with the 1939 and 1964 New York sites, then moving on to locations in Chicago and Europe.
Doskow described the project as "a cross-disciplinary extravaganza encapsulating science, industry, art, architecture, as well as the historical and cultural frameworks in which each past fair had happened, which influenced the specific context in which everything was constructed and conceived in regards to technology, race, and design."

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第5张图片

1962年西雅图世界博览会,“西雅图二十一世纪博览会”,科学中心拱门,摄于2014年|Seattle 1962 World’s Fair, “Century 21 Exposition",  Science Center Arches at Night, 2014.



Not only was the history compelling, Doskow told Dezeen, but the different ways in which each city dealt with the sites after their closing also revealed a lot about the city itself and how it has approached historic preservation and urban planning.
Doskow devotes around three to five days to each place, researching their current condition and contemporary layout in comparison to the original fair maps. In doing so, she aims to capture images that "reflect the current use of the structures and landscaping as well as the emotional and metaphysical state of the place".

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第6张图片

1962年西雅图世界博览会,“西雅图二十一世纪博览会”,2014年Gehry设计的EMP博物馆|Seattle 1962 World’s Fair, "Century 21 Exposition", Monorail with Gehry-Designed EMP Museum, 2014.


尽管建筑坐落在世界上最著名的城市之一,由现代建筑师菲利普•约翰逊(Philip Johnson)设计建造,但这座建筑仍然存在于半废弃的“地狱状态”中,由于这座建筑的结构特殊性以及造价等原因,现代建筑师无法对其进行改造,然而又因为其重要的历史地位,因此当地政府决定将它保留下来。

Out of all the sites captured, Doskow said the "most successful metaphor" for the project was the 1964 New York State Pavilion in Queens.
Despite being situated in one of the world's most well-known cities, and built by the modern architect Philip Johnson, the site nonetheless exists in a half abandoned "limbo state", being too difficult and costly to be repurposed and yet too important to be demolished.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第7张图片

1964年纽约世界博览会,“通过理解架起和平之桥”,2008年纽约国家馆|New York 1964 World's Fair, "Peace Through Understanding", New York State Pavilion, 2008.

像这样完全废弃的场址与巴黎埃菲尔铁塔、Trocadero和Palais de Chaillot(巴黎1937年世博会的建筑)形成鲜明对比,这些建筑一直都在使用中,并不断改进。

Deserted sites like this stand in stark contrast to the various existing sites like Paris' Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, and Palais de Chaillot (all constructed for Paris' 1937 Exposition Internationale) which have been consistently used and improved upon.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第8张图片

巴黎1937分之1889世界博览会,“世界博览会/La Vie Moderne”,2007年埃菲尔铁塔,Trocadero广场,夏约宫|Paris 1889 / 1937 World's Fairs, "Exposition Universelle/La Vie Moderne", Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, and Palais de Chaillot, 2007.



Taking a slower, more meditative approach to shooting the sites, Doskow uses a large-format camera for the project, similar to what would have been used by the photographic pioneers of the early World's Fairs.
After processing the film, she then "painstakingly perfects" the images using photoshop, sometimes taking up to a year to complete a final print.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第9张图片

法国1937年巴黎世界博览会,“现代世界的艺术与技术”,Palais de Tokyo,摄于2007年|Paris 1937 World’s Fair, "Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne", Graffiti, Palais de Tokyo, 2007.



"As any artist can tell you, it is important to sit with an image for quite a while and figure out if it works and if it makes sense in the greater context of the project," Doskow told Dezeen.
"Also photography and world's fairs had a direct and reciprocal relationship, as the first major photography exhibition was at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Crystal Palace in London, so I appreciate being able to use similar tools as to what the early pioneers would have used."

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第10张图片

1958年布鲁塞尔世界博览会,“科学文明与人文主义”,2008年夜晚的原子球塔|Brussels 1958 World's Fair, "A World View: A New Humanism", Atomium at Night, 2008.

她于2015年完成北美场址的拍摄,2016年,她的第一部作品《消失的乌托邦》由Black Dog London出版发行。自从她上次拍摄以来,这其中已经花费了几年时间重新访问那些已发生较大变化的场址。


She finished photographing the North American sites in 2015, and by 2016 the first monograph of her work, Lost Utopias, was published by Black Dog London. She has since spent the last few years revisiting sites that have changed since she last shot them.
Following this decade-long project, Doskow now wishes to focus more on sites outside of America and Europe, and plans to base her photography in places like Japan, China, South Korea, and Australia over the next five years.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第11张图片

1935布鲁塞尔世界博览会,“布鲁塞尔世界博览会”,2008年巴黎博览会(Grand Palais)|Brussels 1935 World’s Fair, “Exposition International du Bruxelles,”Palais de Expositions (Grand Palais), 2008.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第12张图片

1962年西雅图世界博览会,“西雅图二十一世纪博览会”2014年太空针塔|Seattle 1962 World's Fair, "The Century 21 Exposition," Space Needle, 2014.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第13张图片

1939年旧金山世界博览,会“金门国际博览会”,2015年旧金山艺术宫入口|San Francisco 1939 World's Fair, "Golden Gate International Exposition," (Originally) Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts, Entrance, 2015.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第14张图片

1915年圣地亚哥世界博览会 ,“巴拿马-加利福尼亚博览会”,2013年莫顿湾无花果树|San Diego 1915 World’s Fair, “Panama-California Exposition,” Moreton Bay Fig Tree, 2013.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第15张图片

1967年蒙特利尔世界博览会,“人与世界”,2015年Yves Trudeau的 Le Phare du Cosmos 和蓝色机器人|Montreal 1967 World's Fair, "Man and His World," Yves Trudeau's Le Phare du Cosmos / Blue Robot, 2015.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第16张图片

1884年美国新奥尔良世界博览会,“世界棉花展览会”,2014年亚拉巴马州铁矿石|New Orleans 1884 World's Fair, "World Cotton Centennial," Ore (From Alabama Iron Ore Exhibition), 2014.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第17张图片

法国1937年巴黎世界博览会,“现代世界的艺术与技术”,2017年TROCADERO广场|Paris 1937 World’s Fair, “Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne”, Trocadero, 2007.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第18张图片

1915年 圣地亚哥世界博览会 ,“巴拿马-加利福尼亚博览会,”, 拍摄于2013年园艺建筑|San Diego 1915 World’s Fair, “Panama-California Exposition,” Horticultural Building, 2013.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第19张图片

1986年温哥华世博会,“运输与通讯:世界通联 – 世界脉动”,2014年科学中心/博览中心,86 |Vancouver 1986 World’s Fair, “World Exposition on Transportation and Communication,” Science Center/ Expo Center ‘86, 2014.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第20张图片

1904年 圣路易斯世界博览会,“路易斯安那购物博览会”,2013年的飞行馆|St. Louis 1904 World's Fair, "Louisiana Purchase Exposition," Flight Cage, 2013.

镜头下的消逝的繁荣丨Jade Doskow“消失的乌托邦”系列作品第21张图片

1967年蒙特利尔世界博览会,“人与世界”,‘Habitat ’67住宅项目,2012年夜景|Montreal 1967 World's Fair, "Man and His World," Habitat ’67, Night View, 2012.




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