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One House’s New Work | Two Worlds Separated by One Wall
One Casa Exhibition Hall

抽象的概念,赋予线条形形色色的意义。就像每个人生命所留下的足迹,不同意义贯穿其中,延伸出无限可能。在壹舍设计旗下的One Casa展厅里,同样存在一条“线”,没有界限,每个走向都蔓延无数种空间打开方式。

The concept of abstractness endows the lines with various meanings. Just like the footprints left by everyone in his or her life, different meanings are distributed among them, leading to unlimited possibilities. In the One Casa Exhibition Hall of One House Design, there is also an unlimited “line”, of which every direction leads to numerous ways for opening space.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第1张图片

One Casa展厅集中展现其研发的原创家具及创意产品,并突出壹舍品牌形象。设计团队打破原始空间方形格局,以家庭场景化为设计原点,通过不同材质与表现手法,在步移景异的穿梭中完成人对空间、产品的探索与交流。本着以人为尊、动态体验的设计理念,One Casa展厅的愿景,便是探索一种新的审美符号,打造充满惊喜和启发的乐园。

Researched and developed original furniture and creative products are displayed in the One Casa Exhibition Hall in a centralized way, with the brand image of One House highlighted. The design team, by breaking the original square space layout, completed the exploration of and exchange with space and products full of various sceneries and changing view-points, with different materials and techniques of expression and based on the family scenarized design. Under the design concept of “people first and dynamic experience”, One Casa Exhibition Hall aims at exploring a new aesthetic sign and creating a paradise full of surprises and enlightenment.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第2张图片

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第3张图片


After entering the gate, one can see the principal visual element--cement texture, which forms a mysterious and wide entrance image with gray tones and shadows. The whole spatial mood is presented with the flexible triangular relation deriving from the load-bearing column, wall and triangular table, as well as the unique decorations.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第4张图片


The design of reception area enhances the interface with a sense of block. It is like a mysterious black box integrating both the core tube structure of original space and the concealed storage room and living space. In addition, the contrast between visual tension and quality is constituted with the combination of different materials.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第5张图片


The core moving line is spread and continued naturally, endowing the observer with multiple routes. The wall pocket has been transformed into the link through which the exhibit dialogues with the guest, adding the enjoyment. The process of entering different spaces also reflects the exploration and selection by the guest aiming at finding the expression true to himself or herself.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第6张图片

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第7张图片


The metal pocket connects the reception area and restaurant, endowing the tough and exquisite style. Desks and chairs are integrated in the space quietly, and the 360-degree rotatable television can be switched freely between the restaurant and living room, showing a changing and plastic freedom.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第8张图片


The warm and comfortable hue and semi-enclosed space of living room enhance the cozy atmosphere of “home”. The randomly placed paintings and ornaments constitute an artistic effect.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第9张图片


The customized showing shelves on both ends of living room match with the architectural window. The carpet with wonderful colors and patterns reduce monotony, and at the same time, a visual relationship is generated between the showing stand close to wall surface and the stand & ceiling lamp, and a sense of extension of living room is shaped through the accurate mastering of product position and proportional relation.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第10张图片


The bookshelf separates the restaurant and bedroom, and the two exhibition areas are independent and continuous without interference with each other. The perfect match between the furniture and the space displays the authentic appearances of "objects" in a proper way.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第11张图片


The relation between the building and the nature can be intuitively felt through lots of transparent window views, including empty and full rhythms. A layer of perforated metal plate is covered under the ceiling, and the hidden lighting and air conditioner keep the integrity of all internal display areas while realizing interpenetration.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第12张图片


Large transparent display windows extend from the core tube structure, and the quiet and controlled way of display is simple and powerful. It not only builds the reflection of and interaction with external landscapes, but also matches with the other end of black box.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第13张图片


The toilet is hidden in the rear area of black box, and cement paint is continually applied in it. The breathable corner is created with a persistent, clean and simple method.

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第14张图片


One Casa展厅运用探索性的设计表达,各功能空间流动分布其中,塑造出丰富情境并形成有机互动,呈现出完整的居家体验。设计师坦言:“One Casa展厅在居家与陈设空间寻求新的融合与平衡,设置线的串联,在生活化的场景中诠释家具产品的特性,也激发宾客对空间的观感以及美好生活的憧憬。”

The terrace has a distinct hierarchy, the metal mesh of external architectural wall is continually used for it, and plant landscapes have also been set there to effectively filter the surrounding numerous and complicated urban images. So, the cozy, quiet atmosphere consisting of green plants and breeze is presented.
In the One Casa Exhibition Hall, the exploratory design expression is applied, and all functional spaces are distributed there in a flowing way, shaping a rich situation as well as an organic, interactive and complete experience of living at home. The designer frankly said: “In the One Casa Exhibition Hall, the new integration and balancing between home and display spaces is sought, the series connection of lines are set, the characteristics of furniture are shown in the life-oriented scenario, and the perception of guests for the space and their wish for good life are stimulated.”

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建筑分析图/Building Analysis

项目名称 | One Casa展厅
项目地点 | 上海 徐汇
项目面积 | 室内310平方米、露台80平方米
完工时间 | 2018年3月
设计公司 | 壹舍设计
创始人 | 方磊
设计主创 | 汪月梅
参与设计 | 周芳园
视觉陈列 | 李文婷、王丹娜
主要材料 | 橡木染色饰面,太涂水泥漆,拉丝不锈钢镀古铜,不锈钢冲孔板,金属网
摄影师 | Peter Dixie

Project Name | One Casa Exhibition Hall
Project Location | Xuhui District, Shanghai
Project Area | Interior 310 m2,Terrace 80 m2
Completion Time | March, 2018
Design Company | OneHouse Design
Founder | Fang Lei
Designer | May Wang
Assistant | Fongyuen Zhou
Visual Merchandiser | Wendy Li, Diana Wang
Main materials | veneer dyed finish, cement-based coat, brushed stainless steel with bronze plating, stainless steel punched plate, metal net
Photographer: Peter Dixie

一墙之隔 两个世界|上海One Casa展厅第18张图片

壹舍设计创始人 方磊 The founder of One House Design, Fang Lei





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