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Snarkitecture builds white Fun House for retrospective in Washington DC


纽约Snarkitecture设计工作室正在华盛顿的国家建筑博物馆(National Building Museum)举办展览,展出了一座白色的门廊和肾形球池,以此来庆祝工作室成立十周年。

这座“欢乐屋”展览标志着Snarkitecture工作室成立十周年,该工作室由艺术家Daniel Arsham、Alex Mustonen和Ben Porto共同成立。

New York design studio Snarkitecture is celebrating a decade of projects with an exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington DC, which includes a white gabled house and a kidney-shaped ball pit.
The Fun House installation marks 10 years since Snarkitecture – run by artist Daniel Arsham, and architects Alex Mustonen and Ben Porto – was founded in Brooklyn.




Extending down the National Building Museum's soaring Great Hall, it comprises a model home with a front yard and a back garden, all enclosed by a picket fence.
Everything is white, providing a suitable backdrop for the studio's typically monochrome designs, of which 42 are on show.




"Part museum exhibition and part immersive environment, the project invites visitors to explore Snarkitecture's past installations, furniture and objects," said Mustonen.
"In keeping with our goal of making architecture accessible and engaging, we look forward to introducing a new audience to Snarkitecture's work and practice."


在前院,硕大的字放在地板上,拼出展览的名称。在2012年,工作室的设计师们用同样的手法在迈阿密的Orange Bowl体育场拼出了“A Memorial Bowing”。


In the front yard, large letters are laid on the floor and spell out the exhibition's title. The same typeface was used by the studio to spell out A Memorial Bowing at Miami's Orange Bowl Stadium, for an installation in 2012.
Set behind this, the pitched house appears like a stereotypical residence from the front. But the cladding along the side walls gradually disintegrates to reveal the wooden structure underneath.




The front door and surrounding walls also appear to be crumbling, as the foam-block walls have been chiselled away. The effect draws on the studio's Dig installation in 2011 and continues inside, turning the entrance foyer inside the house into a cavernous space.
From here, a hallway splits the interior down the middle. A series of 700 Air Jordan replicas hang from the ceiling, reminiscent of the same feature inside the studio's Brooklyn store for streetwear brand Kith.




Other spaces display designs suited towards their different uses, including a playroom filled with marbles, and a study furnished with Snarkitecture's Slip chair, which features wonky legs and a slanted seat.
Topographical ripped wallpaper, first showcased during Milan design week 2017, covers the walls.




The bathroom features a mirror that the studio included at a pop-up store for fashion brand COS in Los Angeles, and another with curvy lacquered wood edges.
A mound of pillows spill out of the exposed living room at the rear, which faces onto the backyard. Outside, the white shed-like pavilion that the team built in Columbus, Indiana, last year is erected.



Snarkstructure工作室由Mustonen和Arsham创建,2014年合伙人Porto加入了这家公司。“欢乐屋”标志着该团队第二次负责国家建筑博物馆大会堂设计项目, 该项目是一年一度的“Summer Block Party”艺术系列活动展,在2015年,Snarkitecture工作室利用半透明的海洋球创造出类似海滩的空间氛围。

Behind this are a pair of ball pits shaped to look like swimming pools. One is circular, while the larger is shaped like a kidney bean, with deckchairs and umbrellas arranged around it.
Snarkitecture was founded by Mustonen and Arsham, who were then joined by partner Porto in 2014. Fun House marks the second time the team has taken over the National Building Museum's Great Hall as part of its annual series of events and exhibitions, known as the Summer Block Party. In 2015, Snarkitecture created a beach-like atmosphere in the space using a sea of translucent balls.



国家建筑博物馆的Chase Rynd补充说:“让建筑和设计变得平易近人和引人入胜是本次夏季展览的主要核心,Snarkitecture工作室真正地理解了我们的意图,我们希望人们更加了解设计和建造的过程。我们很高兴第二次与他们合作。”

"We're excited to return to the National Building Museum and Washington DC with Fun House, the first exhibition looking back at past projects by Snarkitecture," said Mustonen.
"Making architecture and design approachable and fun is at the heart of the success of our summer series," added the National Building Museum's Chase Rynd. "Snarkitecture really understands our mission of inspiring curiosity about the world we design and build, and we're excited to be working with them for the second time."


“欢乐屋”是该博物馆夏季展览的第五个作品,去年的作品是Gang工作室的“堆叠管”,2016年则是James Corner Field Operations的“冰山”,而2014年的作品是BIG建筑事务所设计的木制迷宫。

摄影:Noah Kalina

Fun House is the fifth in the museum's summer series. Previous editions have included Studio Gang's stacked-tube installation last year, James Corner Field Operations' "icebergs" installation in 2016, and Bjarke Ingels Group's wooden labyrinth in 2014.
Photography is by Noah Kalina.




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