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测试水质的+ Pool灯光漂浮装置
Floating + Pool Light installation illuminates the East River to test and report on water quality



LED lights on a plus-shaped installation floating on Manhattan's East River change colour based on the water quality conditions.


+ Pool灯光装置是一个公共设施,由当地公司PlayLab、Family New York、Floating Point,以及哥伦比亚大学Lamont-Doherty地球观测台共同研发。该装置能够跟踪报告码头附近水域的水质变化。


+ Pool Light is a public installation executed by local studios PlayLab Inc, Family New York, Floating Point, and Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. It tracks and reports the physical conditions of the water off Pier 17 in real-time.
Data collected is displayed on an online dashboard designed by Reaktor that reports whether or not the current water conditions are safe for swimming.



+ Pool灯光装置的设计者、PlayLab公司的合伙人Jeff Franklin说:“设计方案中,‘+’成为了积极的表征,这也代表了1972年美国清洁水法案颁布以来,人们对于水质的改善而付出的努力。”


The drifting sculpture measures 50 by 50 feet (15 by 15 metres) and is constructed with a series of LED lights. Its cross-shape is influenced by the continued progress and efforts being made in New York City to improve water quality.
"The design recognises the "+" sign as a symbol of positivity, indicating the positive steps we have taken to improve water quality since the Clean Water Act of 1972," said Jeff Franklin, designer of + Pool Light and partner at PlayLab, Inc.
"Conceptually it is also a symbol of inclusivity in that the water that surrounds us belongs to no one single group, but to everyone."


Photograph by Noah Devereaux

该项目由Family New York 事务所的Dong-Ping Wong和Oana Stanescu、PlayLab事务所的Archie Lee Coates IV和 Jeffrey Franklin共同发起。几年来,设计师们一直希望能够在曼哈顿河里设计出带有自我过滤功能的漂浮游泳池,这样既具娱乐性,也具有教育意义。

同时,他们也成立了非盈利组织Friends of + Pool,主要接收安装灯光装置的委托,同时以无障碍且全方位沉浸的方式给公众带来教育意义。

Friends of + Pool的负责人Kara Meyer说道:“水质数据较为复杂,因此人们很难能够收集到具有意义的数据。因此我们想构思某种策略,让人们能够通过数据来直观地了解目前所发生的事。”


The project was produced by Dong-Ping Wong and Oana Stanescu of Family New York, and Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin of PlayLab, Inc. For several years, they have been working to design and install a floating, self-filtering swimming pool in a Manhattan river called + Pool to provide public, recreational space that is both fun and educational.
As part of the project, they established non-profit Friends of + Pool, which commissioned the light installation, to educate the public about water conditions in a way that is accessible and immersive.
"Water quality data is incredibly complex, so access to data means very little to everyday people," said Kara Meyer, managing director of Friends of + Pool. "We wanted to figure out a way to empower people with the data and engage them visually with what is happening in the water in front of them."
A series of sensors, part of a Fluidion Alert system, attach to the installation to take samples of the water, test and analyse them for levels of salinity, toxins and harmful pathogens.


Photograph by Noah Devereaux



Reaktor's dashboard powers the floating sculpture's lights. When levels of Enterococci, a bacteria Fluidion tests for, are safe for swimming + Pool Light glows teal, but if high levels of harmful pathogens are detected it turns pink, alerting the public that it isn't safe to enter the water.
The brightness, frequency and sharpness of the lights indicate the levels of oxygen, turbidity and pH present in the river.


Photograph by Noah Devereaux


漂浮 + Pool灯光装置将于2020年1月4日于纽约海港区展出。

The sculpture also changes its direction based off the flow of the current, moving clockwise when flowing north and counterclockwise when southbound.
+ Pool Light is on display in New York's Seaport District until 4 January 2020.


Photograph by Reaktor

+ Pool灯光漂浮装置在其他建筑师的设计方案中同样具有发展的潜力,芬兰OOPEAA工作室设计了漂浮于水体之中的游泳池,而BIG建筑事务所则设计了一系列漂浮于海面上的村庄。

摄影:Iwan Baan(除非特别标注)

+ Pool Light follows other architects investigating the potential of floating architecture. Finnish studio OOPEAA also unveiled plans to create swimming pools that float in bodies of water and BIG proposed a series of floating villages that can withstand rising sea levels.
Photography is by Iwan Baan, unless stated otherwise.


设计:Playlab Inc & Family
照明设计、硬件软件工程:Floating Point: Jack Kalish; Mark Kleback
照明制作安装:Floating Point & Connected Future Labs
照明结构制作:Beam Center Apprentice Program
机械&项目管理:McLaren Engineering; Anand Agarwal, Alexander F. Haubrich, Ashleigh S. Campbell
项目许可:Sive Paget & Riesel, Mark Chertok; McLaren Engineering, Anand Agarwal, Kaitlyn McGrath
施工:Derecktor: Tom Domotorffy
项目构成:Hazelett Marine: Todd Harris
装置:Waterfront Contracting: Chad Walder
锚固:Helix Mooring Systems: Peter Morrison
电力工程:Windsor Electrical Contracting, Inc.: Andy Rambharose
仪表板设计:Reaktor Inc: Ross Langley, Jonathan Dahan, Savas Ozay Stephen Cronin
微生物预警装置:Fluidion; Dan Angelescu, Andreas Hausot and Joyce Wong
实验测试:Aaniyla Allen
数据收集与分析:Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Wade McGillis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Shawnee Traylor
Sonde装置:Rob Buchanan, Wade McGillis, Haokai Zhao

Project credits:
Design: Playlab Inc & Family
Lighting design, hardware, and software Engineering: Floating Point: Jack Kalish; Mark Kleback
Lighting fabrication and installation: Floating Point & Connected Future Labs
Lighting structure fabrication support: Beam Center Apprentice Program
Engineering & project management: McLaren Engineering; Anand Agarwal, Alexander F. Haubrich, Ashleigh S. Campbell
Project permitting: Sive Paget & Riesel, Mark Chertok; McLaren Engineering, Anand Agarwal, Kaitlyn McGrath
Construction: Derecktor: Tom Domotorffy
Project ,ooring: Hazelett Marine: Todd Harris
Installation: Waterfront Contracting: Chad Walder
Anchoring: Helix Mooring Systems: Peter Morrison
Electrical engineering: Windsor Electrical Contracting, Inc.: Andy Rambharose
Dashboard design: Reaktor Inc: Ross Langley, Jonathan Dahan, Savas Ozay Stephen Cronin
Microbiology early warning alert instrumentation: Fluidion; Dan Angelescu, Andreas Hausot and Joyce Wong
Lab testing: Aaniyla Allen
Data collection & analysis: Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Wade McGillis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Shawnee Traylor
Sonde onstallation: Rob Buchanan, Wade McGillis, Haokai Zhao




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