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Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第1张图片

Tham & Videgård creates rows of upside-down arches with Västra Kajen housing


扇形阳台在这两个公寓区域创建了特别形状的开口,这个项目由瑞典南部的Tham & Videgård Arkitekter事务所进行设计。

Scalloped balconies create unusually shaped openings across the facades of these two apartment blocks completed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter in southern Sweden.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第2张图片

斯德哥尔摩市的Tham & Videgård赢得了设计Jönköping湖滨城市的Västra Kajen住宅的竞赛,作为在岸边创建更多住宅的广泛计划的一部分。

Stockholm-based Tham & Videgård won a competition to design the Västra Kajen housing in the lakeside city of Jönköping, as part of a wider masterplan to create more housing on the quayside.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第3张图片


The two buildings are for two separate clients, so the architects designed them to be different in colour but to share a unique motif. This led to the addition of the scallop-edged balustrades, which flank balconies on all six floors.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第4张图片


“我们为两所住宅选择了直接而明确的表达方式,”Martin Videgård解释说,他与搭档Bolle Tham共同运行着这家工作室。

Constructed from anodised aluminium, these screens are reminiscent of hanging fishing nets. They form a series of upside-down arches that differ in size.
"We opted for a direct and clear expression for the two houses," explained Martin Videgård, who runs the studio in partnership with Bolle Tham.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第5张图片



"The open and exposed situation along the shoreline with beautiful views triggered a facade which is both sheltering and transparent," he told Dezeen. "The arch shapes met these criteria, as well as integrating partitions between the apartments."
The balconies form a kind of outer skin for the building, allowing the actual perimeter walls to be recessed back. But both surfaces are finished in matching tones – black for the northernmost block and gold for the one to the south.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第6张图片

“两个不同的客户——Riksbyggen和 Vätterhem——想让两个建筑有所区分,因此产生了两个略有不同的阳极氧化层,”Videgård解释说。


"The two different clients – Riksbyggen and Vätterhem – wanted to differentiate the two buildings, therefore it resulted in two slightly different anodisations," explained Videgård.
Both buildings are identical in shape and size, with a square plan that wraps around a central atrium. This creates either five or six apartments on each level, totalling 37 for each block.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第7张图片



The majority of the apartments are located in the corners, affording them better light and views in two directions.
Both atriums are among the few areas where the two buildings differ. In one, square openings create a rectilinear stairwell, while the other features staircases that cross a circular void. But both are lit from above by generous skylights.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第8张图片



"A top-lit stairwell dignifies a grand entrance hall and provides an important interior space for visitors and tenants in which to socialise," said the architects.
"The atrium hall also functions as a natural preheating of fresh air, thus contributing to over all energy efficiency."

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第9张图片

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter 最近也完成了斯德哥尔摩皇家理工学院的建筑大楼新馆。公司的其他项目包括一个镜面覆盖的树屋和设计瑞典最理想住宅的尝试。

摄影:Åke E:son Lindman

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter also recently completed a new school of architecture building at Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology. Other projects by the firm include a mirror-clad treehouse and an attempt to design Sweden's most desired house.
Photography is by Åke E:son Lindman.

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第10张图片
Site plan/场地平面图

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第11张图片
Floor plan/平面图

Västra Kajen住宅颠倒的拱门/Tham & Videgård第12张图片

建筑师:Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.
总建筑师:Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård
设计团队:Eric Engström, Mårten Nettelbladt, Malin Belfrage, Helene Amundsen, Karolina Nyström, Marcus Andrén, Andreas Helgesson, Dennis Suppers

Project credits:
Architect: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.
Chief architects: Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård
Team: Eric Engström, Mårten Nettelbladt, Malin Belfrage, Helene Amundsen, Karolina Nyström, Marcus Andrén, Andreas Helgesson, Dennis Suppers





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