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Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第1张图片

Philipp Bretschneider's simple garden pavilion frames views over the Mediterranean


建筑师Philipp Bretschneider在风景如画的Mallorcan山坡上安置了一个观景点,他使用钢结构框选出朝向地中海的风景。

Architect Philipp Bretschneider has perched a garden viewpoint on a picturesque Mallorcan hillside, using the steel structure to frame views across the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第2张图片

这位德国建筑师是慕尼黑H5 Architekten联合事务所的成员,受邀在西班牙岛上的一户家庭住宅的庭院中设计一个小型观景亭。

The German architect, who is part of Munich-based collective H5 Architekten, was asked to create the small garden pavilion in the grounds of a family home on the Spanish island.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第3张图片


"The clients are a big family who wanted to have a small retreat where one could withdraw from the main house – a place to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature and the beautiful ocean view," Bretschneider told Dezeen.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第4张图片


Due to the picturesque setting, Bretschneider decided that the structure should be as minimal as possible so as not to distract from the surroundings. To achieve this, he designed a floor and ceiling supported by a thin upright structure.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第5张图片


The architect had originally planned to use concrete and wood, but eventually went for steel to make the structure "more delicate". The two horizontal surfaces create a sandwich, framing views of the distant horizon.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第6张图片



"I knew from the very beginning that it was important to find a simple and clear design so that the thoughts wouldn't be distracted by the architecture," said the architect. "Nevertheless the design should be modern and form a contrast to the surrounding setting."
To make the most of the viewpoint, Bretschneider chose a site on the edge of a steep embankment, allowing the pavilion to jut out over the edge.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第7张图片


From certain angles the structure seems to defy gravity, due to both the cantilevered deck, and the way the roof appears to barely touch the structure.
"That's how the idea was born – to create a frame that was both holding the ceiling and the floorplate," added Bretschneider. "Since the floorplate is also being held by the frame, we could let it protrude beyond the slope."

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第8张图片



A handrail had to be installed for safety, so the designer embedded seamless sheets of glass into the floor. These have a minimal effect on the thin profile of the structure.
Although the platform is typically unfurnished it has room to set up a table and chairs. The westerly orientation also means that it is ideally placed to take advantage of the afternoon light.

Mediterranean简约的景观亭/Philipp Bretschneider第9张图片


摄影:Philipp Bretschneider

"It is a place to retreat, a place for yoga or just to hang out and enjoy the evening sunset," concluded Bretschneider. "The view is breathtaking and the setting serene."
Photography is by the architect.
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