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高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第1张图片

Meeting bosom friends
Huafa & City Hub Wuhan Sales Center


With Guqin, Yu Boya met Zhong Ziqi, the only one who can understand his music;
With poems, Li Bai, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty, met Du Fu, another renowned poet;

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第2张图片


So when the project developed by Huafa & City Hub lands in Wuhan’s CBD, in which way should it meet Wuhan?
高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第3张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第4张图片

不想脱离武汉去臆造一个毫无关系的风格,所以我们对在地文化进行了深度考察。东湖雨后湖面泛起的涟漪激发了设计师灵感,也让我们找到了答案——水。江河纵横、湖港交织的武汉,水,既见证了它的繁荣与发展,也滋养孕育了它几千年的历史人文。这一次,我们意图营造的,是一个以水为题、 润物无声的自然空间。

Intending to design a building style connected with Wuhan, we conducted a deep research of the local culture. Sparkling ripples in the East Lake after rain inspired the designers and led us to the answer—water. Wuhan is a city linked by rivers, lakes and pools. Water has not only witnessed its development and prosperity, but also nurtured its history and humanity for thousands of years. So we aim to create a natural space with water as the theme.

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第5张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第6张图片


The character of water lies in moving and motionlessness. Therefore, how to embody it and absorb it into space naturally have become the key to our design. As a result, we turn both real interior and exterior waterscapes, rooftops, walls and screens and even lightings, artworks, murals and ornaments, etc. into vivid carriers of water. And these objectified images of water can unexpectedly evoke the visitors’ inner response to beautiful moments.

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第7张图片

在入口两侧,我们设置了延续室内外的水景,希望藉此在热闹都市中营造一种“复得返自然”的静谧之感。在空间的立面处理上,白玉石墙面细腻的水波纹,与上部横向线条变化部分形成 “涟漪”纹理相呼应,有如湖面投进了几颗石子。层层递进,引人驻足、遐想。

We place extended real interior and exterior waterscapes on both sides of the entrance, expecting to create a sense of “returning to the nature” in hustling metropolis. In spatial facade design, the fine and smooth water ripples in the wall made of white jade echo ripple textures formed by changed parts in upper horizontal lines. It looks like some stones are thrown into the lake, wrinkling the water layer by layer and inviting people into thoughts.
高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第8张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第9张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第10张图片


In interior lighting design, we prioritize the presence of the moving rhythm of water clearly. Well-organized composite lights in the reception lobby represent the dewdrops in the early morning. Meanwhile, these lights present strong guidance, flowing naturally in space. Moreover, the component lights above the model area resemble pouring sun shower, immediately drawing visitors’ vision to the central model and making it the focus.

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第11张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第12张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第13张图片


Compared to other spaces, the design of negotiation area attaches more importance to the creation of inspiring inner communication. The negotiation area separated by artwork installation and screen is both tranquil and dynamic, modern and traditional, vividly demonstrating the spirit and implication of landscape. The partition screen made of spun silk is dotted with traditional Chinese ink and wash painting, subtly spreading the shading charm and delicacy. Inspired by the modern dance drama “Moon Water” performed by the Cloud Gate Dance Theater in Taiwan, the large artwork installation is hung in the center of the area. Its flexible and unfolding lines are just like dancing in the sun, forming a strong vision reference and thus become the finishing touch of the negotiation area.
高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第14张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第15张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第16张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第17张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第18张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第19张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第20张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第21张图片

高山流水遇知音 华发•中城荟武汉营销中心第22张图片


Principal Designer: Qin Yue-Ming
Design Team: Xiao Run, He Jing, Yang Xue-Feng
Design Company: Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co., Ltd (
Design Scope: interior design; furnishing design; lighting design
Main materials: white jade with straight grain, resin plate, wood veneer, leather; stainless steel
Date completed:2015
Location: Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
Photographer: JING Xu-Feng

秦岳明, 深圳朗联设计顾问有限公司设计总监,1990年毕业于重庆大学建筑学专业,1994年起开始涉足室内设计,1999年组建朗联团队,现为深圳大学客座教授,《中国室内》杂志执行编委,深圳市室内建筑设计行业协会SIID副会长,中国建筑学会室内设计分会CIID理事及第三专业委员会委员。同时还被清华美院、同济大学、中央美院等五所高等院校聘为实践导师。

QIN Yue-Ming
QIN Yue-Ming, the Design Director of Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co., Ltd. QIN Yue-Mingreceived a Bachelor of Architecture in Chongqing University in 1990, got involved into the field of interior design in 1994 and founded Rongor Design & Consultant in 1999 in Shenzhen, China. He is now a guest lecturer at ShenZhen University, an executive editor of interior design magazine《CHINA INTERIOR》,the vice chairman of Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design(SIID), the director of China institute of Interior Design (CIID), a committee member of CIID’s third committee (Shenzhen), anda mentor at the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Tongji University and China Central Academy of Fine Arts.




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