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Perfect-Imperfect House / Megowan Architectural


来自建筑事务所的描述:“完美未至”住宅的名字来源于客户,这是两位完美主义者二十多年来的梦想。客户Aaron和Lily Hill都是护士,相较于完美的形式,他们更加关注细节与品质,因此对项目的细部更加的上心。

Text description provided by the architects. The Perfect-Imperfect House, aptly named by the clients, is the final result of a two-decade-long dream of two perfectionist north siders.  In contrast to a more maladaptive form of perfectionism, clients Aaron and Lily Hill, both nurses, possess friendly but keen attention for detail and desire for quality that would only be immensely reassuring if you found yourself under their diligent care.  



This house is the success story of the clash between their desire for perfectionism and the always imperfect and, at times, downright clunky process of building a home.




Aaron和 Lily的住宅位于澳大利亚,他们有两个孩子,居住在一座经过改造的单层商店里,不完美的是,这座建筑前侧有一座两层半高的露台住宅,后侧有一座公寓。他们在这里居住了大约20年,对城市的郊区有着深刻的爱,但是他们非常不喜欢黑暗潮湿的砖石建筑环境。

Perfectly located in the heart of Fitzroy North, Aaron and Lily raised their two children in a converted single storey shop imperfectly positioned behind the very shadowy south side of a two and a half storey terrace house and in front of a block of flats. The nearly 20 years in the home left the family with a deep love for the suburb and location but a more than mild disdain for their dark and drafty single brick and weatherboard shop.



After a considered search and years of contemplating a new build, Megowan-Architectural was engaged and produced several iterations for the family until they were excitedly happy that they had arrived at the perfect design for not just their desired lifestyle but also their prized but challenging site.


项目概念十分契合城市环境和街道特征,结合了过去与未来。建筑师并没有针对原有建筑进行具体设计,但是仍然保留了原有的商店立面,老建筑的砖石墙体拆除之后得以沿用,并且在边界墙体中表达出来。Aaron与 Lily都认为,他们很高兴能够再次看到老建筑中的砖石材料。深色的烧焦木材不仅可以烧毁,也可以保留,这样反而能够和新建筑的材料形成对比。完美的布局就如同背景一样位于原有的立面上,而烧焦木材的不完美特征则能够很好地给这个一层体量构成立面的层次感和细节感。

The chosen, and now executed, concept integrated the past with the future in a way that felt appropriate to Fitzroy North and the streetscape. At a slight insistence by M-A, the existing shop façade was deliberately retained despite there being no specific heritage protections for it. Existing demolished brickwork from the original house was repurposed and expressed into the boundary walls. Aaron and Lily on several occasions have expressed their delight in being able to locate painted, aged, and punctured old bricks that they can remember from their original house. Black charred timber battens, which were each tediously torched by one of the clients at his parents’ house, were the perfect counterpoint to the existing built fabric that was retained. Perfectly arrayed as a non-descript backdrop over the original façade, the imperfections of the charred timber texture help create layered depth, variations, and a sense of detailed scale on the otherwise intentionally monolithic first-floor volumes.



In response to the dominant two storey boundary wall to the north, a central courtyard was implemented to puncture the middle of the house in order to feed all of the living spaces of the home with ample natural light throughout the day.


设计团队不断地推进着设计方案,不断地解决一些不完美的状况,其中也包括和客户以及邻居进行协调着。因此,设计团队进行了详细文件的编制,来自Grundella Constructions事务所的Clint Grundy也加入了这个项目,共同为达到客户的完美要求而努力着。在现场,Clint及其团队工作人员就开始努力地工作与协调,不断地将不完美的矛盾向着完美的方向推进着。

With the design crystalized, the team braved the planning process where a few added imperfections were tacked on during the compromises that are often struck between applicant, client, and neighbours.   Post planning, the design underwent a detailed and rigorous documentation period and Clint Grundy, from Grundella Constructions, joined the team to help keep perfect expectations and the always imperfect budget in check.  Once onsite, Clint and his band of merry men worked, coordinated, and joked tirelessly to turn a challenging palette of imperfect materials into a perfect finish.  




Internally, the palette is largely expressed through raw and natural materials.  Smooth and elegant super white marble, blackbutt, and ebonized oak are intentionally contrasted against rough charred cypress, recycled brickwork, blackened steel, and polished concrete.  The end result is a striking residence that is at once casual yet sophisticated, urban yet refined.   


设计住宅的过程就像是在抚养小孩,好像在不断地提醒着,没有什么东西是永恒且完美的,这也是客户Aaron与 Lily所需要面对的现实,他们也都有自己的个性。由于建筑的复杂性、挑战性,以及材质的特殊性,这座“完美未至”的住宅便应运而生。

Akin to raising a child, creating and owning a home is a humbling reminder that nothing lasts and nothing is perfect, a reality that both Aaron and Lily had to confront head-on in spite of, and because of, their character.  That said, it is in no small part due to the complexities, challenges, inconsistencies, material variations in both the process and outcome of this house that our clients have blissfully found their perfect-imperfect home.




建筑设计:Megowan Architectural
面积:180 m2
摄影:Nils Koenning
制造商:Architrend, Blum, Bosch, Colorbond, Dulux, Ikea, Parisi, Qasair, Reece, Siemens, Aeratron, Air Grilles, CS Cavity Sliders, Clark Tanks, Clipsal, DesignLite, Faucetstrom men, Faucetstrommen, Highgrove, Lights Lights Lights +7
设计团队:Christopher Megowan, Ryan Conover, Nic Gutierrez
客户:Aaron and Lily Hill
机械工程:Meyer Consulting
景观设计:Georgia Harper Landscape

Architects: Megowan Architectural
Area: 180 m2
Year: 2020
Photographs: Nils Koenning
Manufacturers: Architrend, Blum, Bosch, Colorbond, Dulux, Ikea, Parisi, Qasair, Reece, Siemens, Aeratron, Air Grilles, CS Cavity Sliders, Clark Tanks, Clipsal, DesignLite, Faucetstrom men, Faucetstrommen, Highgrove, Lights Lights Lights +7
Design Team: Christopher Megowan, Ryan Conover, Nic Gutierrez
Clients: Aaron and Lily Hill
Engineering: Meyer Consulting
Landscape: Georgia Harper Landscape




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