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François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第1张图片

François Pompon High School Refurbishment


来自建筑事务所的描述。Francois Pompon高中位于Morvan山的山脚下,距离Bernard Loiseau餐厅仅三步之遥,这座高中以著名的雕塑家及该城镇命名,是Saulieu(勃艮第)入口处的战略核心。


From the architect. On the Morvan’s foothills and three steps away from the restaurant of Bernard Loiseau, the high school Francois Pompon named after the famous sculptor and town’s native, occupies a strategic position at the entrance of Saulieu (in Burgundy).
Alongside the road N7, it marks the way in to the town’s historic heart.

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第2张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle


The recently built extension allows the grouping of all the high school’s classrooms, which were previously divided in two separate sites.
François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第3张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

新侧翼以船头形式向户外开放,并添加到先前的L形建筑上,使其现在呈U形。它创造了一个封闭的庭院,再现了Jules Ferry的共和党校的风格。

This new wing in the form of a prow opens up to the outdoors and adds to a previously L-shaped building, which is now U-shaped. This way it creates a closed courtyard, reproducing the style of Jules Ferry’s Republican schools.
François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第4张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第5张图片
底层平面图/Ground Floor


This unexpected shape represents partly the wish to follow the limitation of the curved piece of land and partly follows the rules defined by the Department of Architecture and Heritage, which is a building with two roof sections.
The combination of these two conditions led to define the very special and remarkable geometry.
François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第6张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle



The rooms occupying this part of the building are used for art and music classes. Their less conventional teaching benefits from this astonishing situation.
The new building’s ground floor is made of a raw concrete base and both floors have a wooden frame. The wooden structure of the KERTO type (post & beam structures and flooring) makes it possible to cross the 12-meter thick building with a single span and therefore completely releases the plates of bearing points.

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第7张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle


The high school provides a place for learning and knowledge sharing in which students evolve; they will develop their culture and connection with the space.
Our recurrent approach as an agency is to express the structure as the fundamental basis of architecture. In Saulieu, the wooden structure defines the whole space; it is visible and its regular composition gives sequencing to the front of the construction which shows the institutional nature of the building. It isn’t a domestic building. It is a public and republican institution that not only conveys the universality of knowledge but also the regional culture through local architecture and construction processes.
François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第8张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle


Our motto for this project was “sound mind in a sound body”. For children to learn in a peaceful environment, they must be in a “healthy” building, in a sound mind and healthy body. Opening this building only a few days ago, it seems that students and teachers appreciate the peacefulness, the brightness and light that prevails.
We hope that everyone finds learning to be a cheerful experience and that students keep happy memories of their time in high school.
François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第9张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle


Product Description.This project has a double-structure : the basement of the ground floor is realized in poured-in-place concrete while the two upper floors are made of lamibois structure (pole and floor) and a lamibois frame. This choice of structure correspond with a construction strategy. The wooden structure allows a much faster realization than the masonry.
On the facade, the wood is left untreated in order to hold a silver patina for the Douglas wood poles, the Douglas wood claddings, the Larch wood exterior joineries (Larch) and the Oregon pine rolling shutters. The construction work have been carried out by local companies (10 to 20 workers).
François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第10张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第11张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第12张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第13张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第14张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第15张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第16张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第17张图片
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第18张图片
平面图/Plan 1

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第19张图片
平面图/Plan 2

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第20张图片

François Pompon 高中的翻新/ Charles-Henri Tachon第21张图片

建筑设计:Charles-Henri Tachon
地址:法国,21210 Saulieu
建筑摄影:Nicolas Waltefaugle
建筑商:Bieber Bois, France Fermeture, Lamibois KERTO, Terreal

Architects: Charles-Henri Tachon
Location: 21210 Saulieu, France
Area: 1775.0 m2
Project Year: 2016
Photographs: Nicolas Waltefaugle
Manufacturers: Bieber Bois, France Fermeture, Lamibois KERTO, Terreal





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