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时代广场二次设计成行人广场,使其公共空间倍增/ Snøhetta
snøhetta opens pedestrian plaza at times square, doubling its amount of public space



snøhetta has completed the redesign of new york’s famed times square, doubling its amount of public space. what was previously a congested vehicular district has been transformed into a 2.5 acre civic space at the heart of manhattan. nicknamed the ‘crossroads of the world’, the site attracts 45 million visitors each year, making it the most visited destination in the united states.


all images © michael grimm

百老汇周边自2009年以来一直封闭交通,让行人更好的更方便的使用。 snøhetta的永久性行人广场的设计取消了场地周边凌乱的基础设施,在建筑两边夹着的中间地带设立了一块公共场地。在该场地的中心,放置了十个50英尺长的花岗岩长凳,也允许行人方便通过,并让这个地方让人感到更加舒适。

sections of broadway have been closed to traffic since 2009, a move intended to promote pedestrian use.snøhetta’s design for the permanent pedestrian plaza removed the site’s cluttered infrastructure, creating a unified ground plane from building front to building front. at the heart of the scheme, ten 50 foot long granite benches have been positioned to allow pedestrians to move through, and occupy, the area more comfortably.


这个变化使公共空间的面积翻倍/the transformation doubles times square’s amount of public space


known as the ‘bowtie’, the project site sits at the center of the times square theater district, and is bounded by broadway and 7th avenue between 42nd and 47th streets. the first section of snøhetta’s pedestrian street opened in spring 2014. since then, pedestrian injuries have decreased by 40%, vehicular accidents have decreased by 15%, and overall crime in the area has decreased 20%. it is also believed that air pollution has fallen by as much as 60%.


长花岗岩长凳定义和框架公共广场/long granite benches define and frame the public plaza


as an average of 330,000 people move through times square every day, understanding the nature and scale of the crowds — as well as their patterns of movement — was perhaps the most important aspect of the project. in response, the new plaza has been designed to accommodate multiple speeds of pedestrian circulation with subtle design gestures that allow people to move in natural ways through the space.


新的电力和广播基础设施已经嵌入了长凳/new power and broadcast infrastructure has been embedded within the benches


conceived as an ‘outdoor room’, the scheme’s uncluttered pedestrian zones and cohesive surfaces establish the site as a stage in its own right. the ground plane is made of pre-cast two-toned concrete pavers, which have been embedded with small steel discs that capture and reflect the glow from the signs above.


该项目的整洁统一,使该场地成为一个舞台/the scheme’s uncluttered nature establishes the site as a stage in its own right


long granite benches oriented along the broadway axis define and frame the public plaza. in addition, new power and broadcast infrastructure has been embedded within the benches. this eliminates the need for of diesel generators, temporary power cables, and broadcast equipment, all of which are required for the more than 350 public events that place in the square each year.


地面小钢盘捕获并反映霓虹灯光/small steel discs capture and reflect the neon glow from the signs above

“作为一个项目,它的成功不仅取决于其新的审美,而且还衡量其社区的长期物质、心理和经济效益,时代的重塑,并让我们城市景观设计水平得以提高,为使用者造就福祉,而对于公众聚集提供了一个重要的场所,” snøhetta.建筑师和创始合伙人克雷格•戴克斯评价道。

‘conceived as a project whose success would be measured not only by its new aesthetic but also the long-term physical, psychological and economic benefits on its community, the reinvention of times square stands as a model for how the design of our urban landscapes can improve health and well-being of its users while providing an important stage for public gathering,’ says craig dykers, architect and founding partner of snøhetta.


地表由预制的双层混凝土摊铺机制成/the ground surface is made of pre-cast two-toned concrete pavers


平均每天有33万人经过/an average of 330,000 people move through times square every day


该场地由百老汇和第四十四条至第四十七条街之间的第七条大街所界定/the site is bounded by broadway and 7th avenue between 42nd and 47th streets


改造前后的对比,从47街和百老汇向南看/before/after comparison, looking south from 47th street and broadway


从东南面看改造前后的比较/before/after comparison, looking southeast. images: NYC DOT / © michael grimm


从北面看改造前后的比较/before/after comparison, view looking north. images: NYC DOT / © michael grimm


从第45和46街看广场,改造前后的对比/before and after comparison, view of the new pedestrian plaza between 45th and 46th street


在snøhetta重新设计之前,该图显示了时间平方的车辆和行人空间/diagram showing vehicular and pedestrian space in times square prior to snøhetta's redesign. image © snøhetta


在重新设计完成后,显示行人空间在时间平方的演变/diagram showing evolution of pedestrian space in times square following the c ompletion of the redesign. image © snøhetta


改造时代广场的总平面图/site plan of the reinvented times square. image © snøhetta


放大广场上的新行人广场来看,扩大了时代广场的第七大街人行道/detailed view of the new pedestrian plaza on broadway and expanded 7th avenue sidewalks in times square. image © snøhetta


人流分析图/pedestrian circulation diagram. image © snøhetta


五种不同的长凳类型让游客更舒适地使/five different bench types allow visitors to use them as they see fit. image © snøhetta

结构工程:buro happold
安全设计咨询:ducibella venter和santore
照明设计:arup / leni schwendinger light projects
景观建筑: mathews nielsen landscape architects
安全设计审查:rogers marvel architects
土木工程,交通工程,公用事业:thornton tomasetti weidlinger transportation practice
安全工程:thornton tomasetti weidlinger security engineering practice
MEP工程:wesler cohen

重建后公共空间总面积:148,442平方呎/ 13,790平方米

project info:
architecture and landscape design: snøhetta
broadcast engineering: bexel
structural engineering: buro happold
security consulting: ducibella venter and santore
lighting design: arup / leni schwendinger light projects
landscape architecture: mathews nielsen landscape architects
security design review: rogers marvel architects
civil engineering, traffic engineering, utilities: thornton tomasetti weidlinger transportation practice
security engineering: thornton tomasetti weidlinger security engineering practice
MEP engineering: wesler cohen

total area of the ‘bowtie’: 5.18 acres
total area of public space in times square after the reconstruction: 148,442 sqf / 13,790 sqm
percentage of public space in TSQ before the reconstruction: 37% public space for pedestrians
percentage of public space after reconstruction: 66% public space for pedestrians
construction budget: $55 million USD (includes below ground utility upgrades)





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