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Design Week Mexico announces programme and first participants for 2017




Dezeen promotion: this year's edition of Design Week Mexico will involve exhibitions, installations and talks across the country's capital from 4 to 8 October 2017.
The festival's ninth edition will bring together Mexico City's design community and international participants for a packed programme of events.


今年的墨西哥设计周将包括展览题为100年的瑞士展,特色是Paillard Bollex设计的Hermès儿童打字机/This year's Design Week Mexico will include an exhibition titled 100 Years of Swiss Design, which will feature the Hermès Baby typewriter by Paillard Bollex

为了纪念今年的瑞士主宾国,瑞士设计展将在Museo de Arte Moderno举行,2014年在苏黎世博物馆的 für Gestaltung举行。

瑞士设计100年的最新版本将突出两个国家之间的关系,包括前包豪斯导演Hannes Meyer在墨西哥的十年。它将于2017年10月5日到2018年2月25日举行。

In honour of this year's guest country, Switzerland, an exhibition of Swiss design will be mounted at the Museo de Arte Moderno, following its debut at Zurich's Museum für Gestaltung in 2014.
The updated iteration of 100 Years of Swiss Design will highlight relationships between the two countries, including former Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer's decade spent in Mexico. It will run from 5 October 2017 until 25 February 2018.


瑞士设计师将与来自Puebla的手工艺人合作,打造视觉与传统相结合的作品/Swiss designers will pair up with craftspeople from Puebla to create items for Visión & Tradición


这些展览将作为“视觉和传统”展览的一部分,在塔马约博物馆展出,该展览还将举办“Inedito”展览,展示墨西哥设计师和工作室的新作品,包括Aco、Acoocooro、Comite de Proyectos、Equipo Miztli、Josue Ulises和Vertebral工作室。

Swiss designers will also collaborate with craftspeople from this year's guest state Puebla, to create items that blend the traditions of the two places.
These will be presented as part of the Visión & Tradición exhibition at Museo Tamayo, which is also hosting Inédito – a display of new work by emerging Mexican designers and studios, including Äco, Acoocooro, Comité de Proyectos, Equipo Miztli, Josué Ulises and Vertebral.


去年为DWM Tamayo项目设计的亭子,包括代表博物馆的橱窗和灵柩的长方体块/Last year's pavilion for the DWM Tamayo Project comprised cuboids representing both museum vitrines and coffins

在博物馆外,当地的工作室将为DWM Tamayo项目建造建筑设施。

作为墨西哥城一年一度的“蛇形画廊”的回应,这座建筑将用来呼应博物馆建筑和Bosque de Chapultepec公园。

Outside the museum, an architectural installation will be constructed by local studio Materia for the DWM Tamayo Project.
As Mexico City's answer to London's annual Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, the structure will be designed to respond to the architecture of the museum and the Bosque de Chapultepec park.


为期一天的研讨会将于10月6日举行,作为博览会设计周展览的一部分/A one-day symposium will be held on 6 October as part of the EXPO Design Week trade show

世博设计周交易会于2017年10月6日至8日在Campo Marte举行,为期一天的研讨会将于6月6日举行,其中包括耐克副总裁兼全球创意总监Martin Lotti、Atelier Oi联合创始人Patrick Reymond和ECAL董事Alexis Georgacopoulos。


The EXPO Design Week trade show will take place at Campo Marte from 6 to 8 October 2017, with a one-day symposium on the 6th including talks by Nike vice president and global creative director Martin Lotti, Atelier Oï co-founder Patrick Reymond, and ECAL director Alexis Georgacopoulos.
"This discursive event will look at the dynamic relationship between design, education, innovation and sustainability while exploring their possible social impact, particularly within the urban context," said the organisers.


设计的相关电影将在 Angela Peralta剧院投放/Screenings of design-related films will take place at the Angela Peralta Theater


公众也可以在Angela Peralta剧院观看电影,参观Parque Lincoln的潮流设计商店,并参观Miguel Hidalgo和 San Rafael areas的旅游设计。

A neocolonial residence in the upmarket area of Polanco will be overhauled for the Design House fundraising event. The series of site-specific installations by a group of Mexican designers and architects will be open to visitors throughout October.
Members of the public will also be able to watch films at the Angela Peralta Theater, visit pop-up design shops in Parque Lincoln, and take design tours of the Miguel Hidalgo and San Rafael areas.


Parque Lincoln将主持潮流设计商店和装置/Parque Lincoln will host pop-up design shops and installations



Mexico City is also gearing up to be World Design Capital 2018, which will include a programme of events around the theme of Socially Responsible Design, and Design Week Mexico visitors will get a taste of what's to come next year.
"Mexico City is the first city in the Americas to receive the designation, which is awarded biennially to cities based on their commitment to use design as an effective tool for economic, social, and cultural development," the organising team said.





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