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Denizen Works建筑事务所设计的风琴状浮动教堂
Denizen Works designs floating chapel shaped like a giant organ


伦敦Denizen Works建筑事务所计划设计一艘船,主要用作教堂。船的形态就像手风琴一样,可以张开、闭合。



London architecture studio Denizen Works has revealed plans to build a canalboat that doubles as a church, featuring a roof that expands and contracts like the bellows of an organ.
The Floating Church is designed to journey through London's canal network to reach Christian worshippers.
Based on the pop-up sleeping pods found on old VW camper vans, the boat will feature an extendable aluminium roof, allowing it to grow in size for services. A series of pneumatic arms will enable this motion, through the use of worm-screws and air rams.


Denizen Works的建筑师以风琴的风箱为设计基础,因此整个设计作品很容易让人联想到一个巨大的手风琴。

2017年初赢得该项目的投标竞争后,这家位于哈克尼区的建筑事务所联合了土耳其造船厂、帆船制造商Jeckells和游艇专家Tucker Designs,进一步完善了设计。


Denizen Works based this feature on the bellows of a church organ, although it is also reminiscent of a giant accordion.
The Hackney-based architecture studio developed the design in collaboration with boatbuilder Turks, sailmaker Jeckells and yacht specialists Tucker Designs, after winning a competition for the project at the start of 2017.
The project was organised by the Diocese of London – a collection of parishes, chaplaincies and other Christian faith organisations in north London, all overseen by the Church of England.


Denizen Works的建筑师Andrew Ingram说:“作为一名建筑师,可以与其它行业进行合作是一件非常有趣的事。”


如果资金到位,浮动教堂(Floating Church)将于2018年3月开工,并在同年年底完工。

"As architects, it's been fascinating to engage with a different strand of the construction industry," said Andrew Ingram, architect at Denizen Works.
"Working closely with our collaborators and the Diocese of London, we have designed a boat which we think will become a landmark on the London canal, and provide its users with a unique and inspiring space."
If all necessary funding is secured, construction of the Floating Church will begin in March 2018, with a target to complete by the end of the year.





The aim is for the boat to regularly moor at major regeneration sites all over north London, to help foster new congregations in areas that are undergoing change. Although it will primarily operate as a church, it will also host community events such as supper clubs, book groups and art classes.
The boat's exterior will be painted in traditional maritime hues, while the roof will feature a custom stitching design that highlights its folds.
The interior will be kept simple, with whitewashed plywood walls and a timber-covered ceiling. Perforated metal screens will be added to the windows, which can be drawn up or down to suit different privacy requirements.


Denizen Works建筑事务所由建筑师Murray Kerr领导。该事务所承接的住宅项目众多,其中有Whitstable的海滨公寓和苏格兰Outer Hebrides群岛的改建小屋。

这是该团队第一次设计船只,伦敦其他的一些建筑事务所也参与过类似的项目,例如 Studio Weave和Duggan Morris建筑事务所都在伦敦的运河上设计过漂浮的影院。

Denizen Works is led by architect Murray Kerr. The studio's portfolio includes a number of residential projects, including a seaside apartment building in Whitstable and a revamped cottage in Scotland's Outer Hebrides.
The team has never designed a boat before – although some of their fellow London studios have. Both Studio Weave and Duggan Morris Architects have previously created floating cinemas for London's waterways.



建筑设计:Denizen Works
船只技术:Tucker Designs

Project credits:
Architect: Denizen Works
Naval architect: Tucker Designs
Boatbuilder: Turks
Bellows fabricator: Jeckells





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