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Hainan Wenchang Wyndham Grand Hotel



Wyndham Grand Hotel is located in the Gaolong Bay, Wenchang, Hainan province and surrounded by sea on three sides and has a 270° frontline sea view. It covers an area of about 1800 mu, with a total size of about 1200,000 square meters.



As a multi-storey Resort Hotel in the group, around 300 guest rooms covered about 30,000 m2 are quiet sizable. Although it is simplified that two towers are built up on the intensive land, they will be put on the opposite side of the natural sea view. Finally, we choose to make them as low profile as U shaped surface water to extend with the total length nearly 300m, and the height is reduced from 4 layers to 2 layers by decreasing step by step from 2 ends. The public area is formed at middle section. Open public space is formed by 2 empty layers at entrance. The guest can enter the lobby through back-shape ramp and overlook the waterscape to view the farthest river landscape and step down to the lobby and cafe near water. Outdoor open sharing hot spring is created in the central courtyard decorated with landscape. Stop here, you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and secular interference, enjoy the wide sea view and experience the way of vacation.





The largest guest rooms are located at all 2 bars on both sides of the middle axis, and its tails are used as senior suites and private clubs to avoid the long traffic route in the room. Set-back is used to close to the landscape. In graphic design, each guest room faces the sea at a 45 –degree angle with 270° invincible landscape view. It can be said that every family has seascape, every household sees coconut trees. We have also made a new attempt in designing guest room to move the bathtub from the traditional bathroom to the surface water balcony for providing a unique experience for the guests. In the front and rear of the building, a series of original natural landscapes are preserved as many as possible. The right side of the entrance is a small square with shaded trees paved with simple clay brick, which is rustic but elegant.


立面选用的材料主要为金属、玻璃、花岗石和原木等自然材质。为适应气候条件而甄选的铜网,在外部作为双层表皮处理,遮挡阳光,在内部延续室外进深,分隔空间。铜网与玻璃、花岗石组合带来空间透明多重性,营造出特殊的视觉效果,自身所呈现的半透明让建筑也变得“温和”。有如Steven Holl的海绵表皮,多孔的处理消解建筑体量,层次的叠加和光影的变幻使之显得更加轻盈,融于自然。经过四季轮回,铜网在大气的影响下已氧化成铜绿色,在建筑上印刻下岁月的痕迹。大尺度的设计不乏精致的细节处理,建筑表面大面积使用表面粗糙的花岗石,呼应室外环境,材料质感形成对话,别有意境。

The materials mainly used in the facade are natural materials such as metal, glass, granite and logs. The copper grid selected for adaptation to climate conditions is externally treated as double skin to block sunlight and extend the inside to the outside and divide the space. The combination of copper and glass and granite brings spatial transparency and multiplicity and creates a special visual effect, and its translucency makes the building "mild". Like Steven Holl's sponge epidermis, porous processing decreases architectural massing. Superposition of layers and change of light and shade make it more light and natural. After four seasons, the copper grid has been oxidized as copper green under the influence of the atmosphere with mark imprinted on the building. Large-scale design is no lack of exquisite detail processing. The large area of facade applies granite with rough surface, which echoes the outdoor environment together with material texture, which shows artistic conception.



在设计上我们有意去除炫目的装饰,以静谧的氛围为基准,加持热带文化文化,使用多种当地传统的景观小品素材,融入闽南文化和儒家思想,以现代建筑空间对地方文化进行新的诠释。通过传统符号的因借、变形与重构,在建筑空间组织与细部处理上展现传统与现代的结合、文化的关联与延续。建筑通过空间形态、光影、材料、质感、色彩、自然要素及文化元素等多种因素来控制整体氛围,将视觉、听觉、触觉、嗅觉等人的感官和心理感知融入其间,达到“东方禅意”的表达。“流水无弦万古琴”,海浪的自然之声激荡着人们宁静的心灵。我们也希望设计不仅使人从中得到美的感受 , 整体环境境界也能使人们从休闲体验过渡到精神文化的享受。

In the design, we purposely remove the dazzling ornaments, take the tranquil atmosphere as the base, add the tropical culture, use a variety of local traditional landscape sketch materials, integrate into the southern Fujian culture and Confucianism, and make a new interpretation of the local culture with modern architectural space. Through the borrowing, transformation and reconstruction of traditional symbols, the combination of traditional and modern culture and the relevance and continuity of culture can be displayed in the construction of spatial organization and detail processing. The overall atmosphere of building can be controlled through various factors such as spatial form, light and shadow, material, texture, color, natural and cultural elements to integrate human senses, such as vision, hearing, touch and smell and psychological perception to express "Oriental Zen". Without strings, the runner water still remains good sound. The sound of the waves naturally stirs people's peaceful mind. We also hope that the design will make people feel beauty and the overall environment makes people transit from leisure experience to spiritual and cultural enjoyment.






We expect resort hotel to be extended as a specific culture or place. Through the emphasis and response to the surrounding environment, terrain, vegetation, climate, local scenery, cultural history and many other factors, the inherent uniqueness of geographical location can be fully demonstrated to shown its essence through personal experience and improve people's vacation quality.













容 积 率:0.98
绿 化 率:35%
建筑摄影:张虔希 姚力

Project: Hainan Wenchang Wyndham Grand Hotel
Location: Gaolong Bay District, Wenchang
Client: Hainan zhongkun yu 'an investment co. LTD
Architecture: Lacime Architects
Chief Architect: Song Zhaoqing
Design Team: Chen Lingfeng, Liang Yingwen, Cai Renxue
Occupied Area: 7316㎡
Gross area: 37739.55㎡
Plot ratio: 0.98
Greening rate: 35%
Design period: 2 years
Completion: 2016.09
Photography: Zhang Qianxi, Yao Li





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