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伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第1张图片

wilson holloway designs lab-like ceramic interior for london cafe


wilson holloway事务所受健康食品的推崇者的邀请开发了伦敦圣保罗大街上第一家实验室风格的咖啡屋。业主对设计的总体要求是直接反映他们严谨科学的菜谱开发——他们的菜单要求每一种原料的成份都有利于健康。为了回应业主的要求,该建筑公司使用了定制的曲面瓷砖创造了一个连续的诊所风格的瓷砖空间,这是参考了维多利亚时代的医学实验室和伦敦地铁的传统曲面瓷砖。

wilson holloway was approached by healthy food evangelists shot to develop an experimental interior for their first cafe in st. paul’s, london. the client’s brief asked for the design to be a direct reflection of their careful scientific approach to recipe development — their menu demands that every ingredient used must offer direct health benefits. in response, the architecture firm used bespoke curved ceramics to create a continuous clinical tiled space that references victorian medical laboratories and the traditional curved ceramics of the london underground.

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第2张图片

结合绿植的中央瓷砖桌子/a central tiled table has integrated planting


working closely with dutch tile manufacturer d-tile, the space was designed in 3D software on a customizable 150x150mm square grid.the serving counter, menu screens, customer fridge and kitchen door were allintegrated into one complex and continuous expanse of tiles. the tiles were also used to form the countertops, a central table, bar stools, external projecting signs, and even the pendant lampshades. four unique colors were developed for the stools and pendants to reflect the cafe’s branding. further, more color was added by using rubber flooring, planting, and a neon sign.

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第3张图片

无缝的瓷砖连接了不同的元素/a seamless expanse of tiles is used to incorporate different elements


the table was designed with integrated planters to house herbs and chilis to emphasise the transparency of the food produce on offer. the solid walnut bench tops were formed using a flatbed CNC machine to mimic the grout lines and bevelled edges of the tiles. sitting between a micro-gin distillery and an independent tailor, the exterior of the shop was simplified and painted white to give it a distinctive street presence on this characterful london lane.

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第4张图片

彩色的吧椅、灯罩、霓虹灯和地板打断了白色的延展/colorful stools, lampshades, neon, and flooring break up the expanse of white

“我们工作的核心是创造一个视觉上引人注目的项目。在该项目中,最大的困难是在细小的地方做一些独特但功能性极强的设计。我们的目标是创造一个错综复杂的设计来体现我们业主在他们产品中投入的高水准的细节设计。柔和的曲线和笔直的灌浆线为这个空间创造了独特的空间秩序。”alex holloway(wilson holloway工作室创办人)说。

所有的照片都由wilson holloway工作室nicholas worley提供

‘at the heart of our work is a desire to create visually striking projects. the difficulty in this instance was designing something distinctive yet functional in such a small space. our aim was to create an intricate interior that reflects the high level of detail our clients put into their product. the gentle radial curves, coupled with the strict grid of the grout lines, come together to give a distinct order to the space,’ comments alex holloway, director at wilson holloway.
all images courtesy of wilson holloway / by nicholas worley

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第5张图片

相同瓷砖材料制作的定制瓷砖灯罩/bespoke ceramic lampshades were formed using the same tiles

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第6张图片

数控机床改造胡桃木以模拟瓷砖的曲面和灌浆线/CNC engineered walnut benches mimic the curves and grout lines of the tiles

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第7张图片

彩色的产品和果汁与白背景形成对比/the colorful products and juices standout against the white backdrop

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第8张图片

瓷砖的颜色反映了咖啡的品牌标志/the colors of the tiles correspond with the cafe’s branding

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第9张图片

宽广的白色瓷砖墙上引入不同的元素/different elements emerge out of the tiled expanse

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第10张图片

员工区域的入口门部分进行了隐藏设计/the door to the staff areas is partially disguised

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第11张图片

该项目位于伦敦的bride巷/the project is situated on bride lane in the city of London

伦敦咖啡屋——实验室般的瓷砖室内设计/ wilson holloway第12张图片

瓷砖布局3D透视图/3D perspective diagram of the tile setting out





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