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Holistic Living



From the architect. GRAFT designed a single-family house and two semi-detached houses, all of them environment- friendly buildings that join mobility, energy and health. The project is an unrivaled holistic approach that connects modern architecture, innovative building equipment and e-mobility as well as sustainability and physical health. The houses even generate a surplus of energy that will be used to charge an e-car that the tenant rents with the house.

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Courtesy of GRAFT


Every aspect of the intelligent homes is environmentally sustainable from design, through construction and finally to its operation. The building materials have been checked throughout their entire life cycle in order to ensure they are natural and recyclable (e.g. ceilings, walls and roof are made of wood and clay). While these natural materials create an authentic atmosphere and health-related qualities, the houses come with a state-of-the-art technology that assures comfortable yet environmentally friendly living.

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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In each building there is triple glazing and thermal-insulated envelope containing a cellar, all in order to prevent thermal bridges. There is a floor heating system as well as a mechanical ventilation with a highly efficient heat recovery system that the residents can control.
Furthermore, some of the electricity will be generated from a photovoltaic system on the roof. The total energy consumption of the house is less than the harvest from the PV elements.

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Courtesy of GRAFT


As a special feature this surplus of energy can be used to charge an e-car that the tenant rents together with his house.

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Courtesy of GRAFT


Mobility, energy and health are joined in this unrivaled project to a responsible future living experience.

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Courtesy of GRAFT

三个建筑单元使用可再生能源,满足德国联邦交通、建筑与城市事务部的正能源屋质量标准的要求。规划由国际工程公司BuroHappold Engineering实施。除了创新技术、健康环保的材料和可靠的施工方法,住宅的设计保证最高的建筑标准:巧妙的平面布置允许上层私人区有全景视野,允许一楼有大型开放式社交区。室内外空间透视连接在这些共享生活空间。这座住宅在春天完工,是适于未来生活的典范建筑。

Using renewable energy, the three building units fulfill the requirements of the quality standard Plus Energy House from the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. The implementation planning was done by international engineering firm BuroHappold Engineering. Aside from innovative technology, healthy and eco-friendly materials and responsible construction methods the design of the houses guarantees highest architectural standards: smart floorplans allow for private areas with panoramic views in the upper floors and large open community areas on the groundfloor. Indoor and outdoor spaces are scenographically connected in these shared living spaces. The role model for future living was completed in spring.

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Courtesy of GRAFT

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Site Plan/场地平面图

整体化住宅/ GRAFT第16张图片
Floor Plan/平面图

整体化住宅/ GRAFT第17张图片
Floor Plan/平面图

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Floor Plan/平面图

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Floor Plan/平面图

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Floor Plan/平面图

整体化住宅/ GRAFT第21张图片
Floor Plan/平面图

整体化住宅/ GRAFT第22张图片

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Courtesy of GRAFT

项目面积:232.0 sqm
发起合伙人:Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit Project Lead: Nils von Minckwitz, Anna Wittwer
项目团队:Martin Franck, Arvid Wölfel
工地监管:Energydesign Braunschweig GmbH
建筑物理:TU Braunschweig
地质工程:Maul&Partner ,Berlin
结构:Niehus Winkler, Berlin
技术:Buro Happold, Berlin
景观:KreTa, Berlin

Architects: GRAFT
Location: Wannsee, 14109 Berlin, Germany
Area: 232.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Courtesy of GRAFT
Founding Partners: Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit Project Lead: Nils von Minckwitz, Anna Wittwer
Project Team: Martin Franck, Arvid Wölfel
Site Supervision: Energydesign Braunschweig GmbH
Building Physics: TU Braunschweig
Geotechnical Engineer: Maul&Partner ,Berlin
Structural: Niehus Winkler, Berlin
Technical: Buro Happold, Berlin
Landscape: KreTa, Berlin





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