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Assemble covers entrance to London tube station in colourful handmade tiles


建筑工作室Assemble和艺术家Matthew Raw翻修了伦敦的七姐妹(Seven Sisters)地铁站入口,采用了数千块五颜六色的手工瓷砖进行贴面。

Architecture collective Assemble and artist Matthew Raw have refurbished the entrance to Seven Sisters Underground station in London, covering it in thousands of colourful handmade tiles.


七姐妹地铁站入口处的零售商店近十多年来一直闲置。这次由“地铁艺术”团队委托翻修设计,本次翻新项目名叫“黏土地铁站(Clay Station)”。

曾获特纳奖(Turner prize)的工作室Assemble与艺术家Matthew Raw合作对这个零售店进行翻修。设计者受到无数不同的瓷砖设计的启发,决定采用手工制作的瓷砖来装饰零售店的外观形态。

Named Clay Station, the refurbishment commissioned by Art on the Underground focused on a retail unit at the entrance of Seven Sisters that had lain empty for more than a decade.
Inspired by the countless different tile designs which are used across the London Underground network, Turner prize-winning studio Assemble worked with artist Matthew Raw to clad the retail unit in handmade tiles.




During the construction process, a kiln was set up in the space so that tiles could be made on site while also facilitating a series of workshops where local residents and community groups were able to learn the techniques to create small ceramic objects.
Through a similar process to the one used by Assemble to create its Splatware ceramics series, the new tiles were made from blocks of plain white clay coloured with body stain.




The multicoloured clay was then sized, rolled, moulded, cut, dried, fired and glazed to create more than a thousand handmade tiles, each one with a unique design.
The resulting tiles were used to clad the exterior of the building. Green and blue marble tiles cover the columns, skirt and roof, while predominantly yellow tiles wrap the walls and chimney.


Matthew Raw是皇家艺术学院的研究生,他的专业就是黏土制品制作。Matthew Raw说:“在决定使用该方案前,我们在工作室进行了长时间的实验,最终,每一块瓷砖的黏土配比都不尽相同,它们独一无二。”


"The colourful approach we decided upon came from an extended period of experimentation in the studio," said Matthew Raw, a Royal College of Art graduate who specialises in working with clay. "As a result, each tile is a bespoke composition of different clay mixtures."
"It has been great to work with Assemble and bounce off different skill sets. During production, it quickly became apparent that cladding the kiosk with this approach was going to be a labour of love, as each element is rolled and then glazed by hand."


此外,“地铁艺术”团队还与A New Direction和Create Jobs组织合作,设立了两次培训,这也是该项目的一部分。这种培训为当地人提供了黏土制作的入门训练。

在英国艺术委员会资助下,该培训由Matthew Raw和Assemble工作室的成员们亲自教学。

In addition, Art on the Underground collaborated with organisations A New Direction and Create Jobs to establish two traineeships as part of the project, which provided the opportunity for locals to partake in clay induction training.
Funded by Arts Council England, the training was followed by hands-on making experience with Matthew Raw and members of Assemble.



The designers hope that while building on London Underground's rich heritage of ceramics, it will also challenge bad building practice in the city – encouraging developers to place focus on care and craft.


“我们在‘地铁艺术’中与Matthew Raw的合作为建筑陶瓷工艺与设计的实际应用提供了一个很好的机会,并将有着丰富历史的艺术带到地下的空间。”Assemble工作室负责人说。


"Our collaboration with Matthew Raw for this Art on the Underground commission has been a great opportunity to experiment with architectural ceramics techniques and designs, something which has a rich history when it comes to the space of the underground," said Assemble.
"We were interested in the impact that a small corner building could have if it was brought back in to use after having lain empty for ten years and was treated with an extraordinary amount of care," they added.




摄影:GG Archard

"With this new commission at Seven Sisters Underground station, we engaged with the community to restore a sense of conviviality in the area, supported by developing new skills through workshops for local residents."
"It is also an opportunity to enrich passengers' journeys by focusing on a different type of building design to what they might see in their everyday commute," she added.
Photography is by GG Archard.





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