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与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第1张图片

Mitti Street House / James Russell Architect


来自建筑事务所的描述:Mitti Street住宅坐落在毗邻Noosa国家公园的Little Cove东部边缘的低洼地区。房屋和庭院略高于自然地面,从而避免季节性降雨所造成的洪水侵袭,体验热带地区的倾盆大雨也许令人感到新奇,但这里的蚊子对大多数人来说也许是个噩梦。

From the architect.Mitti Street House is situated in a low-lying area at the eastern edge of Little Cove bordering Noosa National Park. The house and courtyards are elevated slightly above natural ground to deal with flash flooding, which occurs with the monsoonal rains. It is lovely to experience the rain but mosquitoes can be fierce!

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第2张图片
© Toby Scott

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第3张图片
较低层平面图/Lower Floor Plan


At its essence, the house is a large screened verandah in the rainforest making a place for Nigel to work or friends and family to stay. A home that is socially interactive within the family and to the broader community, a home that will cope with sun, rain, and flood for 50 to 100 years with little maintenance, a home that is comfortable all year without mechanical heating or cooling.

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第4张图片
© Toby Scott


Living and entertaining spaces are on the ground, a series of modest pavilions or ‘fibro shacks’ of a sort, make camp around the edges of the central gathering space and pool. Cooking and bathing to an open sky.

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第5张图片
© Toby Scott


The external face of the pavilions, courtyard, and verandah, both walls, and roof, are covered by shade cloth providing protection from sun, insects and neighboring houses creating a screened garden within the rainforest so one can strip off and enjoy balmy evenings in the forest.

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第6张图片
较高层平面图/Upper Floor Plan

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第7张图片
© Toby Scott

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第8张图片
© Toby Scott


Holidays for Nigel are shared with extended family and friends. The house is a place for multiple families to gather, share meals and sleep. Upstairs, two parents bedrooms sit at opposite ends with three bed or bunk rooms for kids and visitors sitting in between along the edge of the central verandah. Parents can borrow the rooms between as required; almost like shop fronts opening out to the central ground.

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第9张图片
© Toby Scott

Mitti Street House最初设计运用的是张拉的结构,从而包裹和保护该住宅。但是这样的做法造价较高,并且需要更多的钢材,还无法像现有方案这样舒适地接近海滩。后来,建筑师通过沟通合作,降低了成本和维护费用,设计采用混凝土作为主要材料,同时结合硬木和纤维棚形成建筑的结构体系。

Mitti Street House was originally designed as a tensioned structure to wrap and protect the site. This was expensive and required more steel than we were comfortable using so close to the beach. Working with the engineer, and so as to manage cost and maintenance, the design evolved using concrete to make a ground plane for living and bathing, with modest hardwood timber and fibro shacks around and above.

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第10张图片
© Toby Scott

与自然共舞,如诗般生活|澳大利亚Mitti Street住宅第11张图片
© Toby Scott

建筑设计:James Russell Architect
设计团队:James Russell, John Ellway, Ash Brown
摄影:Toby Scott
制造商:Fisher & Paykel, Ampelite
建造商:Mat Saggers, MDS Constructions
工程师:Adrian Dine, AD.Structure
制图:Laura Patterson

Architects: James Russell Architect
Location: Noosa Heads,Australia
Design Team: James Russell, John Ellway, Ash Brown
Area: 370.0 m2
Project Year: 2016
Photographs: Toby Scott
Manufacturers: Fisher & Paykel, Ampelite
Builder: Mat Saggers, MDS Constructions
Engineer: Adrian Dine, AD.Structure
Illustrations: Laura Patterson





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