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亚利桑那山腰的红岩住宅/The Ranch Mine
Red Rocks house by The Ranch Mine nestles into Arizona mountainside


美国建筑事务所The Ranch Mine对凤凰城的住宅进行了翻新和扩建,增加了石灰石覆层和宽敞的露台,并重新组织了住宅功能流线,充分利用了沙漠景观。

American firm The Ranch Mine has overhauled and expanded a Phoenix residence, adding limestone cladding and generous terraces, and reorganising the home so it capitalises on views of the desert terrain.


红岩住宅位于Camelback山的一侧,俯瞰着广阔的沙漠城市。当地事务所The Ranch Mine的任务是将西班牙殖民复兴风格的建筑改造成现代住宅,充分利用周围的景色,同时让使用者能够享受户外活动。

The Red Rocks house hugs the side of Camelback Mountain and overlooks the vast desert metropolis below. Local studio The Ranch Mine was tasked with transforming a Spanish colonial revival-style house into a modern dwelling with generous views and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.


“业主希望事务所的Claire和Cavin Costello来重新设计他们位于山腰的房子,建筑师认为,打断连续景观的厚柱、厚重的粘土瓦屋顶、黑暗的横梁,以及过于仪式的平面布局,并不宜居,而使用者应当拥有连贯统一的室内外生活。”建筑事务所这样描述道。

"When the homeowners approached Claire and Cavin Costello of The Ranch Mine to redesign their mountainside home, they were frustrated by the thick columns that interrupted the views, the heavy clay tile roofs and dark beams, and the floor plan that focused more on a ceremonial entry than the indoor/outdoor lifestyle they craved," said the architecture firm in a project description.




"It was clear very quickly to the design duo that although the Spanish colonial revival style can be beautiful in the right situations, the style of this home was repressing the potential of the site."
The first corrective measure involved stripping away the Spanish elements, which resulted in a simple, two-storey box sheathed in stucco. The team then added a second-storey volume that cantilevers over the site, reducing the impact on the landscape. The addition is wrapped in vein-cut Veracruz limestone.



"Rather than mimic the red sedimentary sandstone of Camelback Mountain, limestone was chosen to make the addition appear like the calcite veins that often appear in the red rocks, marking their moment in time," the team said.






Inside the 4,490-square-foot (417-square-metre) home, the architects rearranged the floor plan in order to prioritise the connection between living spaces and primary vistas. A staircase was even relocated to allow for a view from the front portion of the home through a glazed wall in the rear.
Public spaces occupy the ground level, while the second storey houses several bedrooms. Ample glazing throughout the dwelling provides views of the city and the desert landscape.




To provide numerous opportunities for indoor-outdoor living, the team created shaded, exterior terraces that total over 2,000 square feet (186 square metres). On the first level, a covered patio looks upon a stepped backyard with a fire pit, hot tub and swimming pool, along with an array of native plants.




On the second floor, a south-facing patio has bi-folding, custom steel screens that help block the intense desert sun while still allowing breezes to pass through. In the central portion of the screen, the hexagonal patterning is less dense, which allows for clearer viewing. At dusk, the owners can fold up the screens entirely to enjoy the dramatic Arizona sunsets.




The second level also features a small balcony, which is adjoined to the new addition. "A modern take on a Juliet balcony cantilevers out, almost kissing the mountain, creating a powerful connection and an intimate moment," the team said.
A restrained palette of materials and colours was used for finishes and decor, in order to keep the focus on the scenic terrain. Rooms are fitted with sleek decor in hues of white, black, and grey, with wooden pieces adding a touch of warmth.





On the ground level, a low-maintenance concrete floor was poured. This lends to the home's modern atmosphere, and also covers extensive work that occurred to mitigate structural and plumbing problems. On the upper level, the team retained wooden flooring.
"A fairly neutral palette of walnut and white cabinetry, with a variety of quartz counters and marble tile, were used throughout to keep the red rocks as the star material," The Ranch Mine said.


The Ranch Mine建筑事务所总部位于凤凰城,由Costellos于2010年成立。该事务所的其他项目包括有运河边的住宅,建筑有着密斯风格,还有一系列由砖、灰泥和耐候钢建造而成的联排别墅。

摄影:Roehner + Ryan

Based in Phoenix, The Ranch Mine was founded in 2010 by the Costellos. Other projects by the studio include a canal-side residence that takes cues from mission-style architecture, and a series of townhomes wrapped in brick, stucco and weathering steel.
Photography is by Roehner + Ryan.





建筑事务所:The Ranch Mine
建造商:Koss Design+Build
景观设计:The Green Room
屏风和枢轴门:Bang Bang Designs

Project credits:
Architect: The Ranch Mine
Builder: Koss Design+Build
Landscape architect: The Green Room
Screens and pivot gate: Bang Bang Designs




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