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Storytelling Igloo encourages children to interact with architecture and design


伦敦工作室Aberrant Architecture已经与伦敦北部的五所学校合作创建一个冰屋形状的装置,这是伦敦基础教育设施,主要向年轻人介绍建筑及其设计。


London-based practice Aberrant Architecture has worked with five north London schools to create an igloo-shaped installation, as part of an initiative to introduce young people to architecture and design.
The Storytelling Igloo project was carried out in collaboration with local arts centre Artsdepot. It saw 140 children between the ages of eight and 14 get involved in building and designing the structure using 3D computer modelling software and CNC moulds.




During the process, the children were encouraged to explore ideas of what it means for a space to be meaningful, as well as learning creative and technical skills necessary to architecture and design practice.
To begin with, the students were encouraged to draw ideas relating to their own identity and sense space on pieces of paper, which were then hand-modelled into prototypes.




"Students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities could relate to universal questions about spaces of pleasure, security, leisure and individual preference," said the architects.
"This process allowed children to compare the relative ease of 'modelling' three-dimensional forms by hand as opposed to digital translations," they continued.


每个定制设计都使用三维建模软件进行建模,然后再结合使用数控模拟模具,这种模具是该工作室与威斯敏斯特大学制造实验室(University of Westminster Fabrication Laboratory)合作生产。


Each bespoke design was then modelled using three-dimensional modelling software, before being transferred into CNC modelled moulds, which were produced in collaboration with the University of Westminster Fabrication Laboratory.
The architects then used papercrete – a construction material made from recycled paper and adhesives – to form the bricks themselves.




"Young people are often made to assume that sophisticated computational technology always makes things easier, but this part of the process allowed them to experience the more immediate and intuitive possibilities of hand-craft," said the team.
Each of the five schools was assigned an individual colour – pink, purple, yellow, green and blue – which were used to create variation amongst the 300 bricks.



这些砖块每块都具有独立的编号,并有着标签,然后会交由志愿者团队进行接下来的工作,这些志愿者主要是The Cass and Artsdepot的毕业生。

Clay ornaments were added to some of the finished bricks and lintels were customised with the names of each participating school, as a way of  "enabling the young builders to take ownership" of their work.
Each brick was then numbered and labelled before they were assembled by a team of volunteers including graduates from The Cass and Artsdepot staff.


Aberrant Architecture联合创始人David Chambers表示:“我们很高兴能够与我们的青年、学校和社区进行合作和研究。在文化资金受限的情况下,与新一代分享技能和传授建筑和设计创意流程十分重要。”

"We are pleased to build on our experience and research working with young people, with schools and the wider school community," said David Chambers, co-founder of Aberrant Architecture.
"At a time when cultural funding is under threat, it is great to be able to share skills and impart the importance of creative processes in architecture and design with a new generation," he continued.



Aberrant Architecture于2010年由David Chambers和Kevin Haley创立。该工作室已经完成了一系列建筑项目和艺术装置,其作品既有聚苯乙烯泡沫天花板,也有伦敦滑铁卢的一个小型移动表演场地。

The Storytelling Igloo was on view at a free exhibition in the Apthorp Gallery at London's Artsdepot from 13 to 31 December 2017.
Aberrant Architecture was founded by David Chambers and Kevin Haley in 2010. Since then, the studio has completed a range of architectural projects and installations – from a styrofoam ceiling installation celebrating time-wasting at work, to a tiny mobile performance venue that toured around London's Waterloo.





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