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325 Kent经济适用房项目
325 Kent Avenue / SHoP Architects


来自建筑事务所的描述:325 Kent项目由SHoP Architects事务所与开发商Two Trees合作,这个经济适用住宅项目位于美国纽约的布鲁克林。同时,这也是SHoP Architects事务所在布鲁克林Domino炼糖厂总体规划的首个建成项目。该项目包含有办公场所、经济适用房、商业零售区、社区基础设施等多种功能,另外还增加了60%的公共空间,创造出一种全新的开放式建筑形态,从而将现有的社区和全新的滨水区域连接起来。

Text description provided by the architects. Working closely with developer Two Trees, SHoP designed 325 Kent – an 80/20 affordable residential building on Brooklyn's East River waterfront. 325 Kent is the first complete building of SHoP’s master plan for the Domino Sugar Refinery Development in Brooklyn, New York. The development will provide a mix of office space, market-rate and affordable housing, retail, and community facilities while adding 60% more publicly-accessible space to the area’s original plan creating a new form of open architecture that connects the existing neighborhood to the new quarter-mile waterfront.



325 Kent项目的规模和规划由设计团队经过细致入微的分析而设计,设计团队深入研究了当地的经济和社会状况,其中包括Domino炼糖厂的修复。在建筑的中央庭院,建筑师设置了大型开口,使附近滨水区域的自然采光与空气能够进入到周边社区。这种空间的后退效果在Domino广场达到顶峰,这座全新的城市滨水广场将人们引入现有的城市建筑之中。

325 Kent's size and program were determined by our team’s thorough analysis of the economic and social existing conditions and opportunities of the site, including the renovated Domino Sugar Refinery building next door. In the building’s central courtyard, 325 Kent features a large opening where light and air from the waterfront flow through into the neighborhood. The building steps back from its peak at Domino Square, a new urban waterfront plaza, and tapers into the neighborhood’s existing fabric.



Virtually every unit in this new residence features outdoor space and a view out to the East River and the Manhattan skyline beyond. Further, the units facing the courtyard have terraced balconies and the top floor offers amenities that are shared among the residential community. The building's metal façade is perforated in a variable pattern. This design is both beautiful and performative as it allows the building's HVAC system to "breath” while providing a cost-effective and energy-efficient mechanical strategy. The variability of the façade’s perforation pattern required hundreds of unique, custom-punched panels, the complexity of which was managed through a close relationship between SHoP, Two Tree’s construction team, and our fabricator.




The copper panels were installed without a factory produced finish so that, left exposed to natural elements, they will weather and patina over time. This cost-effective strategy also creates a dynamic façade that draws in visitors in the park. It is our team’s goal that this building will engage the public as it adapts over the course of its lifespan. The once shiny orange façade has already begun to darken and patina and some areas are already turning green. Recalling the Statue of Liberty – just down the river from our site – our team harnessed the city’s signature material to re-imagine what affordable housing can look like for New York.


建筑设计:SHoP Architects
结构设计:Rosenwasser/Grossman Consulting Engineers, P.C.
照明顾问:Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
可持续设计:YR & G
机械/管道:Ettinger Engineering Associates
土木工程:Philip Habib & Associates
建筑与城市区划法规:William Vitacco Associates
风洞试验:Windtech Consultants

Architects: SHoP Architects
Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States
Project Year: 2018
Structural: Rosenwasser/Grossman Consulting Engineers, P.C.
Lighting Consultant: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
Sustainability: YR & G
Geotechnical: URS
Mechanical/Plumbing: Ettinger Engineering Associates
Civil: Philip Habib & Associates
Building and Zoning Law: William Vitacco Associates
Wind Tunnel Testing: Windtech Consultants
Façade: Vidaris




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